10 things which you must know for an international move

Advises to avoid a disorder during your international relocation

  1. Verify with the payments aimed at the sendings on the customs clearance of your personal articles. That is. Are there special licences which you have to obtain before loading your cargo? The maritime freight can be difficult. In certain countries, you have to have certain documents ready to avoid having to pay again taxes for your own properties. In other places, there are certain goods as you cannot bring for a reason or an other one. Then, spend some time to investigate or to hire a broker in the destination to verify everything for you.
  2. When you choose to assure your load for your international moving, it is recommended to take photos of all the sent articles. If you have to put down a complaint, you have a proof of what was sent.
  3. During the load of a container, the cargo moves so that she must be packed and reassured in complete safety. Not only the container moves on the road, but it is also lifted top in the air which can risk an impact mattering during the load and the unloading. It arrives very quickly and it is normal that containers collide little. Besides, he can have many shift there while the ship is at sea, so that the freight can move heavily in the container. Make sure to distribute the weight of your contents in the container. It facilitates the lifting of the container.
  4. If there is too much place for the load, it increases considerably the risk of damage. It also applies to personal effects inside the boxes of moving. If your objects can come and go in a box in movement, it is likely that they will be damaged at the time of their arrival.
  5. The belts of load are the best options to reassure the load. To use wooden materials for the dressing-up can be attractive, because it is generally more easily accessible for many destinations. But the wooden packaging materials must be thermically treated and stamped, etc., according to the local regulations. If some untreated wood is used and what customs find it, it can pull very high fines.
  6. There is no assistance during the process of load. The driver of the truck is there only to collect the cargo and bring it to the port
  7. Take a photo of the number of the joint and the packaging on the packaging and assure that it corresponds to 100 % in what is indicated on the bill of lading. It can dissuade a sender to pay surplus fines and hold them if he does not correspond.
  8. Because of the constant variables of the logistics, no date or the hour is guaranteed.
  9. Household products are generally defined as articles which you possess for six months. Although it is attractive to buy new things and to keep them in the box which you received, it is a bad idea. If customs inspect the cargo with destination, they can consider it as a smuggling and tax the cargo or seize it.
  10. The timing is important in an international movement. Always get ready to move at least three weeks in advance. To try to cross a shorter advance notice can pull a higher rate and pull delays.

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