Additional cost international move

Moving: the costs to remember

To avoid crumbling under a mountain of bills to settle, the best thing to do is to anticipate your possible expenses by listing and evaluating their costs.
Do not forget to anticipate the expenses that will take place before, during and after your move, the costs are many, better not to forget!
Payment of the deposit to the mover
In practices found at the majority of movers, you will have to pay a deposit of 30%, this deposit is intended to formalize the collaboration and commitment between you and the company providing the service.


You have to pay the taxes of your old home the taxes for your old residence.
If your property tax payments are monthly, please contact the treasury accountant closest to your new place of residence with the details of the cash flow related to your old home for which you had taken out a monthly payment contract.
In case you are not paid, you will pay the taxes of your new home the taxes related to your new home.
To calculate the amount of taxes, you will need to contact the tax office in your new home.

The agency fees, and the amount of the deposit requested by your landlord

As part of a rental, the amount of the deposit represents 1 month of rent to which you will have to add the payment of the first rent.
Regarding the agency fees, they are calculated according to the surface of the housing sold, and in some cases they represent 1 to 2 months of rent

The hidden costs of a move

  • Administrative costs related to the cancellation and reopening of telephone line, electricity, Internet access provider …
  • The cost of the transfer of mail to your new place of residence
  • Purchases of new equipment related to a larger area, household appliances …

additional fees international move