After your international move

Refocus on your home

You are separated from your spouse, you are experiencing financial problems or you have lost a loved one, so many reasons you do not like to move. It is reluctantly, but this is not the time to falter and you must look to the future by trying to accept what you are forced.

A beautiful nest, brand new after your move

Since you have to rebuild a new environment, as much as it looks like you. Ask me for changes you would have liked to your old home and see the positive side: now it is possible! Lay out your space, decorate it, and if you are allowed, paint a little to brighten the walls.

Move to be at home again

The move was not a choice, you go through a phase that pushes you to install in a smaller dwelling and you will be forced to sort through your objects. List those that are essential to you and that are the furniture that leads you to an environment that will make you feel good at home.

Rethink your home

The atmosphere will certainly be the same as in your previous home, but do not try to recompose for the same living space: move the furniture, frames, mirrors and indulge yourself by creating a new room from scratch comfortable and soothing environment.

Manage the post-move period

You are going through a real ordeal and there is no harm in needing to be able to feel better and change for ideas: talk about your moods but also have a good time and you get out of your head your sad thoughts. If you prefer to choose where you live, prefer to stay close to people you love. If this is not the case, you need to plan a few visits and put on an apron to treat your loved ones in your new nest.