12 Tips for Organizing a Successful Corporate Relocation

As an expert in moving and relocation, we know how administrative tasks and packing goods could be time-consuming, especially when there is a whole company relocating… COVID-19 pandemic is one of the reasons companies need to relocate faster than ever, whether to reduce or increase their working areas. That’s why we have written for you the 12 tips for organizing a successful corporate relocation! By taking enough advance notice, and by following all these steps, relocating could be easier than you thought.

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Best Destinations Expatriates Thailand

The 4 Best Destinations for Expatriates in Thailand

Thailand has long been regarded as a pleasant retirement destination. In fact, more than 35 million tourists visit Thailand each year to take in the country's splendor. Those who have the choice to live there, of course, make that choice. The major reason why Europeans love Thailand so much is because it allows them to live the life we've always wanted without breaking the bank. Thailand offers all you need to fall in love with it, whether you like mountain retreats in the green of the woods, the caves, and other natural places, or if you prefer vacations by the sea to enjoy turquoise waves, fine sand beaches, palm trees, and all the activities that go with it.

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Moving and Working in Malaysia Visa, Jobs, Cost of Living

Moving and Working in Malaysia: Visa, Jobs, Cost of Living

Malaysia is one example of an Asian nation that is growing and combining its advantages. The environment in Kuala Lumpur must be understood, nevertheless, before moving there. As a result, it's still challenging to get a profession in Malaysia without a visa. In this article, we will try to give you tips to get a job as fast as possible.

An open country

Malaysia does not experience the hardships of unemployment, unlike its other Asian neighbors, and it offers something for everyone. When hiring someone with a qualification or training, local and international businesses struggle to find the suitable profile, and they are forced to give competitive terms since there is other competition. This indicates that earnings are growing rapidly. In Malaysia, foreigners receive positive press from their employers who view it as a chance for their local staff to profit from their contribution and the potential for emulation.

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Where can I get a job in Malaysia?

What you need to know to improve your chances is as follows:

You must accept the workplace dynamics

jobs in malaysia

Leave your habits in the locker room and anticipate being employed on a local contract. We put in more than 40 hours a week here while earning less money than we would in Europe but more than we would in Africa.
For a foreign graduate working in Malaysia, the typical pay ranges from 5000 RM (or 1250€) to 25000 RM.

The nation primarily employs immigrant males

Men, like in other countries, are slightly more likely than women to get employment, particularly if they have relevant experience and a specialized qualification.
A job might be difficult to find while sitting on your couch and browsing the internet, so don't bother to try it.

Don't move before you’re sure you got a job

Like everywhere else in the world, it is the network that can make the difference. We recommend that you find work before you go there.

Is it forbidden for a foreigner to “seek work” ? Yes! If you are entering the country for this, do not tell immigration. It is grounds for expulsion. You may even be fined.

Choose the right companies to apply for

Good to know: some companies have a work permit, others do not. Suffice to say that we must focus on the first. To further narrow the search, it is necessary to target those who have already hired foreigners.

The VIE is a smart strategy. International corporate volunteering is a smart move if you wish to work for a French firm with operations in Malaysia. You'll receive a salary of 1,500€ and health insurance.

How can I apply?

Your resume should definitely be written in English. It is much better for you if you know some of the native language; Bahasa. Add a cover letter outlining your qualifications (these are more important than your motivation itself).

The laws (working time, social coverage...) in Malaysia

To know where you are going to step foot, it is crucial to mention them. But don't worry—the rules are nothing unusual, and many other nations even have enviable working circumstances.
Currently, a work week is 48 hours long (8 hours each day), thus unless we have an employment arrangement specifically designed for an expat, we work 6 days out of 7.


Whether you are on a permanent or fixed-term contract, there are numerous public holidays, and those are opportunities for you to take a day off while getting paid!

Health insurance

Health insurance in Malaysia

Even with retirement contributions, Social Security coverage is fairly limited. However, the total contributions between the employer and the employee do not go over 2% of the pay.

Taxes, on the other hand, are taken right out of the country sheet each month. If you make a good wage, our advice is to purchase private health insurance. Although pricey, we thank heaven for having thought of it in case there are any problems.

Docshipper Tip : If you want to move to Malaysia and you’d like some details about the cost of living there, we have exactly what you need! Here is an article from our blog about the cost of living in Malaysia! Contact us for further details!

Getting a work visa in Malaysia

You can do nothing without it. It resembles the Malaysian "open sesame" in several ways. Because you need to have the "Employment permit" warm in your pocket in order to be able to work in this lovely, unusual nation. It's valid for two years.
This small piece of paper, which doesn't seem like much, is equivalent to a work permit and is required.

Where do I go?

The organization that will hire you will take the necessary actions to provide you the position as soon as possible. Therefore, it is not your responsibility to waste a lot of time in the long lines at the many, congested immigration service administrations across the world.

How do you obtain it?

However, not everyone will be in the same situation when trying to get it. In fact, it might take anywhere between 30 and 90 days to get it.

The nature of the position and the size of the organization making the request, not your eye color, will serve to justify this time discrepancy. The priceless sesame is good for two years after purchase, giving you time to breathe.

When requesting a work visa, you must provide evidence that you have enough money to support yourself in Malaysia and have a return flight scheduled.

Requirements for obtaining a work Visa

You must be at least 28 years old. There are exceptions, notably in IT where you can apply as early as age 23.

Additionally, the local administration will make an effort to review the compensation before agreeing. Earning at least 5000 RM will be required in order to leave the poorly paid positions to the people who depend on them for a living.

There are certain guidelines for launching a business, but we'll talk about that later.

Malaysia's standard of living

It is the backbone of conflict and frequently the driving force behind a decision to emigrate or not. It all depends on your country of origin and how much money you make there.

The first thing you should know is that Malaysia's per capita income is rising steadily; very few other nations can make the same claim.

The growth is higher than both the average for the entire world and for Asia combined.

How much do you need to live comfortably in Malaysia?

Cost of living in Malaysia

The average yearly income per resident is very nearly $8,000 (It is at the level of the world average). Naturally, not everyone makes this much money, which is sad.

If you can locate a job that pays at least $10,000 a year, you will have all you need to live a very comfortable life. Once there, living expenses are modest. Your daily budget will be substantially less than in Europe.

An engineer’s monthly pay: An engineer in Malaysia makes, on average, 49,000 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) a year, according to the Glassdoor website. Or $10,400.

A developer’s monthly pay: A developer in Malaysia makes an average salary of 54,000 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) annually, according to Glassdoor as well. Or $11,480.

Why you should avoid the minimum wage

You shouldn't go to Malaysia if you're going to live in poverty and make the minimum wage. Leaving your home and working abroad should be an opportunity to become wealthy.

Because, as is the case in many developing Asian nations, living expenses and taxes are rising. Small incomes that seldom, if ever, grow.

The minimum wage doesn’t even exist

In any case, there isn't a set minimum salary in Malaysia, although it is normal to make at least $300 a month, even for jobs that don't call for a certain degree.

This is typically what a worker there makes. However, French businesses are still renowned for paying far higher wages than that; after all, they have a good name to uphold.

Life in Kuala Lumpur

Life in Kuala LampurHow would it be like to live in the capital city of Malaysia? We can choose to embark on an adventure or be surprised by what we find out, but it is preferable to be prepared.

It’s fine to want to travel abroad, but not with restrictions. Because Kuala Lumpur is a unique capital. The Petronas Towers, which are enormous structures that Hollywood cinema has hijacked for its films, serve as a symbol of its modernity.

A satisfying life

And if they have the resources to enjoy life, all of these tiny ones are accustomed to it. Shopping at the city's malls and having fun at one of the many pubs with eccentric décor are required.
The rooftop patios with pools are the ideal.

Expenses for living

Naturally, you must expect to pay prices that are not local for these complex delights. However, it is possible to live there pretty comfortably for $500 a month.

As a consequence, you are able to dine at the restaurant every day at noon and at night. You've wished for a $2 menu, right? There are a lot of stores of this type on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. Even at the market, where street food reigns supreme, the food is delectable.

DocShipper Advice :Asian countries are full of marvelous cities. Bali, for instance, is a dream location for a lot of people and many wish to move there! So if you want to move to Bali, we have the best guide for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information, or if you ever decided to move!

The disadvantages of living in Malaysia

Sadly, there are some negative aspects as well.


If you're not Asian, learning Malay will be a very difficult task for you. The issue is that most locals are non-English speakers. You will need to be able to play with your hands in order to be understood.

The city

The same is true for those who enjoy nature and the morning dew. They are likely to be quite dissatisfied. There are just buildings, which are often rather unsightly. With its flashing neon lights, the city consequently exudes greater attractiveness at night than during the day.

Public transport

When it does exist, public transportation is chaotic, congested, and intolerable. You may also use a walking method to travel about, however if you discover a sidewalk in decent shape, the pollutants will do its job.

Those fortunate enough to own a car must be ready to spend a significant portion of their day stuck in traffic. The answer was to move closer to his place of employment, even if it meant paying a higher rent.

Everyone must ultimately develop their own perception of the city, with the understanding that effective expatriation can only result from enjoying one's surroundings while residing there. If not, the event will surely leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Is Kuala Lumpur "nice to live" in?

The capital of Malaysia is no exception to the comparisons that journalists adore making between Asian capitals. It comes as no surprise that living in Asia is not the most pleasant experience.

The winner is Singapore, although Kuala Lumpur is not far behind in the rankings. For instance, it comes far earlier than Manila, Bangkok, or Phnom Penh.

These are the ranking standards:

  • Roads and transportation infrastructure in particular.
  • Freedom (press, to think, to live).
  • Pollution (or rather its absence as far as possible).
  • Health equipment.
  • Unemployment rate.
  • Places to learn and have fun.
  • Schools and colleges.
  • Facilities for affordable lodging.

Getting an internship in Malaysia

Working in MalaysiaAlthough it's easier to get an internship than a well-paying job, there are still certain guidelines to follow.

The young person who is moving to this nation will have the chance to fully experience a culture that is different from his own and acquire new working techniques.

There are many firms to choose from

No matter how long it's supposed to take. After that, you will have to decide between a local business and an international corporation. Everything will be based on upcoming initiatives.

Our recommendation: student organizations

It is wise to surround yourself with guidance through, say, a student organization if you are stuck or taking a while to discover the ideal one.
This will prevent you from sending out several spontaneous applications for nothing, especially because you must customize your cover letter for each employer, which takes time.

The procedures

A document that permits the trainee's admission into Malaysia is necessary in terms of the administrative requirements. The employer asks his immigration service for this.

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How to start your own business in Malaysia?

In contrast to the sluggish old Europe, all of these Asian nations have a vitality that compels you to take advantage of it. But keep in mind that since the nation is far, you are not required to take any action.

Sort things out

The ideal course of action for someone who already has a business elsewhere is to begin by setting up a straightforward representative office, provided they do not immediately start conducting business or generating money. This will provide you the freedom to control expenses and take your time analyzing the greatest prospects, particularly the market.

Therefore, the next step will be to launch two formulae for your business: the BHD or the SDN BHD (close to the French SARL (limited liability company) : no need for a minimum capital).

On the other hand, because you are jointly liable for the debts, single proprietorship is not an option for foreigners unless you get into a hazardous partnership.

Legal requirements

  1. Keep records.
  2. Two of the management partners must reside in Malaysia.
  3. Have an auditing company.         

It is advised to use an on-site professional legal firm for registration and other requirements. It is a little more expensive, but it also prevents mistakes.

Malaysia: an entry point for big companies in Asia

It's true that we don't talk about it much, but similarly, many times, good things go unnoticed.

The potential to establish your company abroad in Asia and attract a sizable customer follows starting your business in Malaysia, the Philippines, or Indonesia. Because certain regions of the country offer significant tax incentives for businesses who locate there.

Huge orporations making investments in Malaysia:

  • Lafarge
  • Peugeot
  • Technip
  • GDF Suez
  • Griset
  • Joubert

Malaysian city

There are good chances for an Algerian or a Moroccan, and there are an increasing number of French expats living there.

As a result, you may start a company there, like a bakery and pastry store in Kuala Lumpur, locate an internship, or apply for French-speaking employment openings in hotels or restaurants.

And there are other Muslim nations, particularly in the Gulf, if you feel like leaving your country and moving abroad to see what's going on and try your luck.

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Working and Living in Indonesia Cost, Visa, Procedures

Working and Living in Indonesia: Cost, Visa, Procedures

An alluring employment opportunity or an alluring location for a prosperous installation might encourage expatriation. These two ideas are combined in Indonesia, where there is a sizable French-speaking population. However, given the size of the nation, Jakarta is not the same as Bali in terms of living conditions for foreigners. How do I resolve it? All of our information is below.

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Moving and Living in Bali [The Complete Guide]

Moving and Living in Bali [The Complete Guide]

Do you dream of moving to Bali? Have you already found a job? A place to live? In any case, you should know a lot of information before moving to Bali.

When someone needs it, relocating internationally is often a double worry. In truth, there are issues with both the transfer itself and the protection of your possessions, on the one hand, and the need of travelling abroad and the fact that things operate totally for another place, on the other. Nevertheless, DocShipper has a wealth of expertise in this field and can provide you with all the assurances you need to feel confident leaving everything in our capable hands.

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Moving to Malaysia: the cost of living per month

Malaysia is more than just a picture on a postcard. It is surrounded by stunning beaches and has a surprising amount of cultural diversity. One of the Asian Tigers, the country is a developed, thriving, and affluent nation.

Malaysia has a lot to offer expats searching for new career opportunities, as well as students and retirees, as a partner of giants like Japan and the United States.

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Tips To Secure Items in Moving Truck and Protect It from Theft

You don't have to move every day. It can be stressful, and success depends on many variables. Your moving truck is one of these variables. You will need to choose the right-sized truck (consult your rental company for advice) and pack it correctly. You need to maximize the space and organize your belongings so that they arrive in one piece. While there are many things you need to keep track of when moving, security is the most important. It is becoming more common to commit frauds and identity theft, so it is essential to do your research and take sensible steps to ensure your belongings are safe during the move. These are the top security tips for moving to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Security Tips for Moving

Security is a significant factor in transporting goods through freight forwarding services. The cargo needs to be transported securely and managed from all sides, from the driver to the loading dock, from the receiving terminal to the transportation point. IATA (International Transport Association) has been working in this field for more than 40 years and has produced many standards and guidelines for transporting cargo through these facilities. Following are some tips you should consider for moving:

Select A Reputable Moving Company

It is essential that you can trust the people who will be moving your belongings. Do your research before you hire a moving company. Do your research. Read reviews, ask for recommendations, interview potential companies, and ensure they are licensed and registered. You can avoid being scammed by avoiding the many fakes moving companies. Make sure you get a contract. Also, be aware of red flags like large deposits or unmarked trucks.

Take Inventory of Your Belongings

It is a good idea to keep an inventory of all your belongings while packing. This will make unpacking much more accessible since you'll be able to quickly find what you need without having the time to go through many boxes. You can also know if any items have gone missing. You will know exactly which box it was in if you lose something. Furthermore, you will also know if it was not packed in the first place or was lost before the move.

You Can Transport Valuables and Personal Papers in Your Car

It is better to transfer sensitive documents and valuables in your vehicle than to use a moving truck. You will be able to keep them safe from any damage, and you will also have complete control of them. It is better to rest assured that these valuable items are always with you.

Secure A Space

Designate a safe place in your new home to store valuables. You should lock it and make sure that no one can see it from the outside. This will allow you to feel confident that your most valuable belongings are safe, as many people will be moving in and out of your house on the day.

Digital Information and Documents That Are Important Should Be Protected

Secure any sensitive documents that you don't need before you move. Also, make sure that passwords to your electronics are not easily accessible and that the electronics themselves are protected. It is possible that someone in your neighbor or someone you have hired could gain access to your electronics while you are away and take control of sensitive information.

Notify Key Businesses and Forward Your Mail

Notify essential businesses, such as banks and credit cards, schools, and medical facilities, at least one week before you move day. This will ensure that they do not accidentally send sensitive documents to your old house after moving. Set up a forwarding address to capture any documents that do not reach the new location on time.

Pay Attention to Payment Methods

Another red flag is if a moving company only accepts cash. Reputable moving companies will offer multiple payment options. A paper trail such as a cashier's or credit card will give you additional security. This is because the evidence of money exchange cannot be challenged later.

Before You Move, Make Sure Your Security System Is Up-To-Date

This is particularly important if you are not moving into your new home immediately, but plan on bringing some of your belongings with you. Install your home security system before you bring any belongings over. This will ensure that you are alerted if someone attempts to trespass.



DocShipper Advice : For all your logistics operations or any other queries regarding the trucking, our experts are always at your disposal, please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will get in touch with you within 24hrs.

Truck Security for Vandalism & Theft

Two types of truck security can be divided: vandalism and theft prevention and safety for dangerous driving conditions. Many security measures can be used to protect against vandalism and theft. Even if your vehicle has full coverage, the deductible can still be quite costly. It is worth investing in security measures to prevent crime from happening. Let's look at the most effective security measures that can be used to prevent theft and vandalism.



An alarm system is the most important thing to look at when looking for truck security. An alarm system will notify the owner or send an alert if suspicious or forcible entry to the vehicle. Although it won't be able to stop vandals from smashing into your truck's windows with their hammers, an alarm system can protect valuable items inside the truck. This is especially true if your truck has expensive after-market customizations like speakers or sound systems. A security alarm system can also reduce the chances of thieves stealing your stuff.





Dash Cams

Dash Cams

Dash cams are an effective and common way to ensure the safety of your truck. Dash cams, also known as event data recorders, are mounted on the windshield or placed on the truck's dash. They provide continuous recording of all events occurring around and within the truck. You can send images and photos to your smartphone via a 4G network. A dash cam is essential for recording evidence in case of hit-and-run accidents or to help with insurance disputes.





GPS Trackers

GPS Tracking

There are situations where a criminal may get into your truck and find a way to start it. Although it is unlikely that the criminal will get very far due to the presence of alarms or dash cams, intelligent thieves know that they may still be there and have probably found ways to disable or destroy them quickly. A GPS tracking system can help you locate and recover your truck. GPS tracking systems send real-time vehicle data to the owner's smartphone, which allows you to track the truck's movements and assist the police in recovering it.

Tinted Windows

Tinted windows can not only protect your cabin from harmful UV light, but also conceal the cabin's contents. Tinted windows can make it difficult for thieves to see valuables in the cabin. Tinted windows can conceal additional safety measures such as steering wheel locks and alarm systems that can deter outsiders. Tinted windows can be used to show thieves that the owner is willing to spend money on truck customizations.


How Can You Secure Items in Your Moving Truck?

Pickup trucks are versatile and can be used for many jobs. The driver's knowledge is vital to use them correctly. Therefore, it is essential to be able to secure items in pickup trucks properly. Researchers looked into the consequences of unsecured loads. They found that more than 25,000 accidents, are caused by items falling from trucks onto the roads every year. You can avoid adding to the number of crashes by making sure that you have the right strategy in place to protect your cargo. These are the top tips and tricks to keep your cargo safe in a pickup truck.

The Front: Heavier Items

Truck Loading

Before you begin strapping things down, it is essential to organize your items. Your truck's center will stay balanced by placing your most important items near the cab. Uniform weight distribution will ensure your truck's stability and steering. You could even increase your MPG.


Always Use Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Strap

Four heavy-duty ratchet straps are the first item of equipment. For some purposes, bungee cords and plain rope are sufficient. However, heavy-duty ratchets straps are essential if you need to secure large items. Ratchet straps can be used from at least two angles. It is best to secure items from at least two angles. If one strap is lost or damaged while driving, the second strap acts as a safety net. Ratchet straps can be used in various situations and are more substantial than other options. They also latch onto your truck bed more securely than any other type of strap. These ratchet straps can be purchased online or at your local hardware store.


Bundle With Bungee Cords

Although they might not be strong enough for your armoire to stay in place, bungee cords are beneficial for storing longboards of wood, loose piping, or keeping drawers safe during transit. Bungee cords can be used in conjunction with more oversized ratchet straps. They are flexible and easy to use. Bungee cords can be purchased in packs of different lengths and priced cheaply. They will keep your items safe and secure.

Moving Blankets = No Scratches

Moving blankets can be used to protect furniture, art, and other items in your cargo. It is not common for people to realize that nylon from ratchet or bungee straps can cause damage to your items. To avoid scratches and nicks from your straps, make sure to use moving blankets. Because of the wear and tear you will prevent on your items, a four-pack of moving blankets is worth it.


Overhanging Items Need Flags

Orange flag

Brightly colored flags are best for transporting items such as lumber, PVC, metal piping, or other difficult-to-see objects beyond your tailgate. Orange and red are the most popular colors for flagging your cargo, but you can use any color that allows cars in front of it to see.


DocShipper Alert : Packing is essential, and it should not be neglected. If it is not done properly, you may end up with unwanted surprises. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be glad to help you. 

Quick Security Tips for Moving

When it is loaded with goods, and when it leaves somewhere, it can be stolen or damaged. This can cause plenty of problems and business to be lost as well as loss in sales volume. Therefore, transportation companies take measures like having trucks equipped with high-tech security systems or even installing them inside the trucks themselves or at the storage sites where they are kept during transportation. Here Are Some quick security tips for moving.

  •         All Vehicle Doors Must Be Locked.
  •         Use a hardened padlock to secure the rear cargo area.
  •         If possible, park in well-lit areas and under the surveillance of security cameras.
  •         When you move to a new location, ensure that you have adequate theft insurance with your homeowner's insurance company.
  •         Take care of what you post on social media.
  •         Use “Tracker Tags” to pack your boxes.
  •         Photographs of valuable items should be taken when packing for your insurance records.
  •         Photograph the vehicles used by the movers (plates, truck, and trailer numbers).
  •         Photographs of the rental truck you are driving (Plates and Truck Numbers).


Transport safety and security are a fundamental concern, as they both provide the basis for citizens' right to travel safely and ensure the efficient and reliable transport of goods.

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🚚Moving alone? With a professional? How to choose?

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