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Prepare LCL international move

How To get perfectly ready for a LCL shipment When we send a sending LCL (Less than Container Load) for maritime freight, the goods have to be carefully prepared. It is essential to guard to the spirit the differences when you prepare a sending LCL from a sending FCL (Full Container Load). More precisely, provided that the sending(parcel) LCL needs a division of container, you must give test of more prudence. The most frequent reason of hurts in LCL nose of load

Guide to expat job in Thailand

Siam-Relocation Useful Guide to Expats Job in Siam Nation Thailand is such a nice place to live that naturally there are many people who do not want to wait until they retire to move here. However, the labor market is not completely open to foreigners. Working in Thailand legally as an expatriate needs a work permit, correct visas, and the Thai government placed restrictions on the types of jobs available to foreigners. Well, when you look for lists of jobs,

How to load a container properly ?

Five unavoidable points before you load a container Wondering of sending goods through ocean? You already must be having in mind the complexity of the operation. Some of the most important points are paperwork, preparing the packing list and must of all the customs clearance. But many of shipping companies fail in noticing the importance of the appropriate load of the container. This is crucially unavoidable. You might fill the papers well and firmly load your container with accuracy. But if

10 things which you must know for an international move

Advises to avoid a disorder during your international relocation Verify with the payments aimed at the sendings on the customs clearance of your personal articles. That is. Are there special licences which you have to obtain before loading your cargo? The maritime freight can be difficult. In certain countries, you have to have certain documents ready to avoid having to pay again taxes for your own properties. In other places, there are certain goods as you cannot bring for a reason

International schools in Thailand

International schools in Thailand – How register your child ? PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SUPPLY THESE SERVICES, THESE COMMENTS ARE INFORMATIVE Settle down in Thailand with children means that you go to have to find them a school. The first decision which you have to take is to know which type of school to put them. You can choose between private schools with a bilingual or English program (let us call these “bilingual schools”), either you could choose a real international

Why working in Thailand ?

Why working in Thailand could be the best decision of your life ? In the past, people choose more and more the way of the independent work. Thanks to the power of the Internet. More and more Web developers, programmers and graphic designers choose to move completely and to make a new house in their dream location. For many, the Thailand, with its hot climate, its white sand beaches and its relaxed culture, is a paradisiac house. Here is some of

Thai culture for beginners

Ultimate Guide to Thai Culture One of the main things you should do before moving to Thailand is learning a little bit about Thai culture, learn about the behaviors. Many aspects of life might be deferent from what you used to know. Taking a step to learn more about their culture can help you make the transition smoother. Three main reasons to learn about the culture are: to avoid offending people, be able to make friends easier, be able to understand more easily what you see

How to transfer Thai car ownership ?

How to transfer the ownership of a vehicle to your name in Thailand ? When you buy a motorcycle or a car in Thailand, you have to transfer the property of the vehicle to your name. Listen to nobody who tells you that it cannot not be made or tries to dissuade you to do it. It is not difficult to make if you have all which you need. The transfer of title must be made to the office of the ground transport.

Visa in Thailand

How to get a visa in Thailand ? Thailand is one of your favorite destinations. You have planned a stay? or maybe even live there? The question of the visa is then one of your concern … We will help you to understand which will be most adapted to your situation. We represent, a company established in the international moving and specialized on Thailand. We offer a dedicated and personalized service to each of our clients. We work with only mindset

Finding a reliable moving company

Choosing the best international movers with our useful advices As you prepare to relocate, you may choose that it will work better if you hire specialists to assist you. Nevertheless, with a lot of options at your disposal, how can you be certain to choose the best removal worker? You require to verify the qualifications of each mover and be certain it’s a respectable company that can take care of local movements, long distance trips, heavy objects and any different standard