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Choosing an International Mover

How to choose an International Mover in Thailand ? Many companies claim themselves international removal professional and expert of the Thailand. They are lure you with low prices. Be careful in your steps, many people had problems with certain companies. To prevent problems, Here are our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises : The contact You must be able to contact at any time your interlocutor by phone, mail or physically. For a communication by correspondence, the response time does not have to exceed 48 hours. Choose a

Moving to Thailand

Moving advices Thailand is a well known destination for expatriation, its geographical diversity,  climate and culture make Thailand the perfect place to move. If you are retired, expatriate, student or just in love with the country of smile, do not rush in your steps and pay attention to all aspect of your removal. Before making this decision and booking your ticket, make sure you entrust your belongings to professionals who are physically present in Thailand. Moving to the Kingdom of Siam

Expatriation in Thailand

Moving to Thailand What is an Expatriate ? An expatriate is an individual residing in a country other than his or her own. In everyday language, it is generally used to refer to highly qualified professionals who establish themselves abroad for professional reasons. The expatriate is a special category of emigrant. He may be expatriated for personal, family or professional reasons, whether for studies, career prospects or desires for discovery. In everyday language, the term “expatriate” generally refers to a Western person holding

Packing my move by myself

Can you pack your move by yourself ? To prepare for a move, there is so much to do that hiring a professional packing service may make your job easier. Be aware that there are many services available, from packing all your personal belongings to packaging the selected goods only. If price is not a problem for you, consider hiring professionals for packaging, but also for unloading & unpacking. There are a lot of companies that offer these benefits. But before hiring or

Difficult part of an international move

What will you have to face during an international move? When you move, it is usually to settle in a larger, more comfortable or better situated house. We are motivated by his new place of residence because the move in itself is not something exciting !! Storage, packing, cleaning … moving is not always easy as many internet users have found. “I think the thing that was the most complicated was to find the contents of each carton, we did not

Managing all changes from a move

How to organize your new life after a move ? A new job, a separation, an unexpected event … the reasons for moving far from home are multiple. On the other hand, a distant move is always complex from a logistical point of view. We’ll help you get organized. Do not take everything away Will your Ikea shelves survive transportation? Do you really need to take with you clothes that you have not worn for three years? A long trip can be a

Load your belongings safely

How to move cartons without pains Some “to do / not to do” advises for a moving If you have already transported and loaded moving cartons in a truck, you know that the risk of twisting your back is real. Siam Relocation can give you some advices for saving some back pains for your next moving. Follow these tips to protect your back and relieve your body throughout a move: – Bend your knees and keep your back straight when loading. Lift with the

Moving by love: a tough decision

Some advices before rejoining your love If you have met your boyfriend (or girlfriend) during a business trip or during your vacation, you may live away from home. In the early days, you were definitely organized to see you on weekends but after a few months of living together – at a part-time – the question arises whether one of you has to move. Before you make the big jump, Siam Relocation can give you some tips. 1- A new city to discover No

Avoiding issues with international mover

How to find the good mover company ? If you have made several queries to organize your move, you will have to choose the best proposal. But what you need to know is that it is not necessarily the cheapest that should hold your attention. Detect scams: pay attention to the “”cheap””. The move is an important budget. So if you can avoid spending too much money for the mover, it’s always worth saving. But how can we be certain that the society

Tips for a “friendly” move

How to make an easy international move ? If you are within a few days of your move, you should already have accomplished much of the things to do. If you are afraid of having forgotten something, read these tips: – Contact your mover or your friends to ensure their arrival time. It would be a shame to find yourself alone with your boxes. – Prepare a bag with the bare necessities to spend the first night in your new home: sheets, blanket,