Cartons boxes or plastic crates ?

International Move – How to pack : carton boxes or plastic crates?

While movers traditionally choose cardboard boxes, plastic cases have emerged in recent years.

Convenience: advantage to plastic crates

cardboard boxes or plastic, both modes of packaging can be ordered online and delivered directly to you (come take advantage of discounts on the purchase of your next packaging boxes). Plastic crates seem nevertheless more practical because they do not require any assembly. Unlike moving boxes, simply fill them, close the lid and you’re done: no folding or unfolding necessary.

Another advantage is that the plastic crates are weather-resistant: no risk of deterioration due to rain, as in the case of cardboard. They also allow for more stable stacks and their integrated handles facilitate their transport. They are however a little heavier than traditional cardboard boxes and are not available in many dimensions.

Cost: advantage to cardboard packaging

Unlike plastic crates that need to be bought or rented, you can find free packing boxes. And if you prefer new boxes stronger than boxes that have already been used, the price will remain lower than that of plastic crates.

Ecology? Equality

The environmental impact will depend more on what you are going to do with your packaging than on the choice of cardboard or plastic. To adopt an ecological behavior is to make sure that the materials used will be reused or recycled. In other words, if you used boxes, give them away or drop them off in reprocessing centers; if you have opted for plastic packaging, keep them as storage boxes in your future home or return them to the manufacturer. Avoid using disposable plastic packaging (garbage bag).

In conclusion, if you want to save time during your move, opt for plastic crates; if you want to save money, choose cardboard boxes.