International Move – Cartons

Cartons boxes on international move : the guide

At the time of the move a question always arises. Will I be able to make all my house in my packing cartons?

1- Start very early

On trunk often with the time needed to pack his stuff, it can be much longer than expected. You will often find in the cellars the easiest objects to pack. Rooms are also a good way to start. But do not start the day of the car move in the rush it may be broken. Cartons will not be as well made and will be less resistant.

2- Remove “the light”

Review the business you have in your home and ask yourself if you need to be transported to your new home. The rule is simple, if there is no sentimental value get rid of what has not been used for one or two. The quote that will be provided by the mover depends on the weight and volume, so it is essential to sort to save money. Feel free to iron in all rooms at least 2 times in time between 2 passes. Use this method to limit the number of items to bring with us. First do not hesitate to put the objects aside to come back after.

3- Label relentlessly

One mistake that many people make is to just note on the cardboard its provenance, that is, the coin does not come the objects. You wrote all its content. This really makes things easier when you know each carton when moving. Do not use the term “divers” too much, you may not find yourself.

4- One piece after another

At the moment of taking action, we advise you to completely finish the packaging of one piece before moving on to the next. Without this method you will have cartons from several different parts and the organization will not be optimal once the time of the unloading arrives.

5- Small boxes in large boxes

Whoever says small objects, says little boxes, it will better protect objects. With all these little boxes, try to put them in larger cartons. Indeed, a large cardboard will be much less easy to lose than a small cardboard.

6- Keep the administrative documents with you

The administrative documents to keep must be with you for the move or entrusted to your family to limit the risk of loss.

7- The valuables

Some valuable items such as jewelery or artwork are not transportable by the movers. In this case you need to call in specialists.

8- The last carton

When you arrive in your new apartment or new house you need in priority some things like: bathroom linen, soap, toilet paper, sheets, coffee machine, cups, kitchen utensils, pens and notepad .. C For this reason, booking the last box for this type of business can make things easier for you. Indicate on this cardboard that it is the one to load last in the truck

9- Take inventory

Make a detailed list of everything that will be loaded into the moving truck. Indeed, ask someone from the family to check on arrival each object arriving in the house. Sometimes it happens that your things are out of the truck before being delivered, often during a move abroad. Note also possible cartons that may have been damaged during transport.

10- Invest in plastic storage

Objects that will go in the attic or garage prefer to put in plastic boxes rather than cartons boxes. Thanks to this trick you avoid to have other objects to unpack. Garbage bags (very strong) are also a good solution for storing stuffed animals or other soft objects. It’s more economical.

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