Expatriation guide

Preparing a move at the last moment

Make your cartons to move in urgency If you have not really been able to prepare your move, you will only have a few days to make your boxes. Follow these tips and relax … everything is going to be alright Start by packing what you will need the first week. Clothes, towels, toiletry kits, pots, cutlery or cooking utensils … reserve a box or two to put the necessary business, those that will allow you to live properly during the first days.

Essential guide to move alone

The 4 essential tools to move alone You have decided to rent a truck to transport your furniture and boxes. What tools are you going to need to make your job easier? All commercial vehicle rental companies will offer you tools or accessories to facilitate your move. They are not always free and if this is your first move, you may be reluctant to use them or pay an extra cost. Our advice: do not make small savings Some of them can

Expatriation in Thailand

Expatriate to Thailand – The guide Welcome to your new life in Thailand! Your expatriation requires an organization and planning to respect for you and your family. Moving is a very important step of the expatriation … That’s why Siam-relocation accompanies you on every step in order to make your expatriation easier. The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the steps to move to Thailand. In addition we highlight the peculiarities of this country to help

Cost of life in Bangkok

Cost of life in Bangkok in 2017 You have probably already heard that Thailand is a country where life is cheap. Basically it depends of the point of view; on the other hand the cost of life increase a lot in Thailand and mainly in Bangkok even if it’s still “cheap” compared to western countries. Indeed, with an income of 1500 euro (1600USD), one could lead a very comfortable life in Bangkok. For you Siam-relocation has lead a study, which will