Moving tips

Pictures of belongings before a move

Should you take pictures of your personal effect before moving? Organizing a move is stressful enough that you do not have to worry about whether your favorite business will arrive intact. To guard against a nasty surprise, some photograph their furniture and precious objects before packing them. This process takes time and does not guarantee that in case of breakage, the insurance will be more lenient. The most effective solution is to make a complete inventory of everything you are

Moving – Big furniture through small door

Moving: How to bring a large piece of furniture through a small door ? After weeks of preparation and intense DIY days, D-Day moved. Everything goes as planned, until you realize that your sofa is too wide to enter your living room. It does not pass through the doorway, whose width you have overestimated. No panic, everything is not lost yet. Have you tried to get the door out of its hinges ? You will gain a few centimeters that can prove

Save money on your move

Invest yourself in your international move and save money On average, the cost of an international move is around 6000 euros but if you have a high volume, it can quickly exceed the 10,000-euros. Here are 5 tips that can help you reduce the bill. Moving alone If driving a truck does not make you afraid then the most economical solution is still to pass you from the movers. This solution has not only advantages. You will still have to rent a vehicle,

Moving tips

Siam Relocation provide you some moving tips Moving to another country may confront you with challenges that you have not thought of before. These can be even more surprising if you go to the other side of the world. In this article, we will give you some tips to make your move easier and cheaper. Lighten up: It is not necessarily necessary to encumber you with some imposing effects. Besides the sentimental value, they can have for you, you can easily redeem them

Moving by air vs moving by sea

What is the difference between moving by Air and moving by Sea ? Moving By Air: The main asset of the move by plane is obviously to present much better delivery times than the Seaway. A journey of several days of boat will be carried out in just a few hours by the air … Siam-Relocation is recognized for its responsiveness and will allow you to benefit fully from this advantage! The aerial move can compete with shipping in terms of cost

Saving money on packing

PACKING and LOADING: Get involved and save money! You want to move to Thailand, however you find moving prices too expensive for your budget? Would you rather keep this money for your on-site installation? Siam-relocation has provided a special service or your involvement in packing and / or loading will allow you to save  a considerable amount. A frequently asked question from our customers is: How to pack ? Pack starting by less important to most important Take your time and start packing