Cheap international move

Good tips to save your move

We have put together a dozen tips, quick to implement, that should allow you to make your move a little easier.

Socks to protect your glasses

Rather than putting your socks in a bag, use them to cover your glasses, especially your stemmed glasses. You can also use your sweaters to wrap glass objects like vases.

Plastic plates between your porcelain plates

Rather than wrapping each plate in bubble paper, you can put a paper plate between each of them and then pack them into a plastic bag.

Bottom sheets and mattresses

To protect your mattresses, nothing better than to cover them with your old sheets covers. If you have stored several, you can also use them to cover your furniture.

Colors on cardboards

If you have forgotten to buy labels to indicate the destination of each of your cardboard, you can use colored felts.

Rolling Cases

Do you have suitcases or rolling cases ? Use them to carry heavy things like books. Pay attention to your back, as you will always have to lift them to put them in your car.

Garbage bag and clothing

To pack your clothes, nothing better than using large garbage bags. For your jackets, put them on a hanger, slip the garbage bag from the bottom and drill the top to let the hanger hook.

Photos and user manual

If you have to dismantle furniture, consider reassembling them. The best solution to forget anything : take pictures of the different stages of dismantling.


If you have to transport your fish, do not throw away the water in which it lives. Your fish is used to the colony of bacteria found there. Put your fish in a plastic bag filled with water and keep the rest of the water in another bag.

Leave the garage empty

Once you’ve arrived, don’t stack your boxes in your garage and tell them you’ll put them away later. “Later” can last for months. Often, the contents of cardboard that are not urgent, could have been thrown away or given before the move.

Unpack the TV last

Once you arrive in your new home, you will definitely have a hard time resisting the urge to sit comfortably in your couch watching TV. A solution against slackness : do not unwrap your TV.

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