How to choose your moving boxes?

How do i have to pack my belongings ?

You are during preparing for a move and you are wondering whether you should buy new cartons or retrieve old boxes.

If you use a mover, you do not have too many questions to ask yourself … the company you have chosen will certainly provide you with as many boxes as you like. On the other hand, if you have decided to move on your own, you will have to go to the “fishing” package. You can of course buy your boxes on an online sales site but well, it is intellectually, economically and ecologically not very satisfactory to buy new while many store around you will provide it.
On the other hand, if you retrieve already used cartons, you are not sure that they will resist the weight of their contents. If on the day of the move, you find your stuff spread on the street because the bottom of the cardboard has yielded, you will have just gained the cheerful and slightly cynical look of your neighbors.

Moving: what types of cardboard reuse?

Let’s start by specifying the cartons not to be reused:
– Cartons that have lost their original shape: this is not a good sign
– Cartons folded in all directions: they will not be rigid enough when you close them
– Cartons with damaged corners: when you tap them, they risk breaking under the weight of your business
– Wet cartons or moisture stains: they may get stuck
– Cartons designed to transport light materials: beware of the boxes that are obtained from the grocer of the corner

Let’s go to the “regulatory” boxes:
– Evidently cardboard in good condition
– Cardboards which have been used for the transport of heavy goods such as books (libraries), bottles (wine shops) or paper reams (office supplies)
– Old plastic bins that you could get from pharmacies
Our ultimate advice if you have chosen the “recovery” solution.
– Do not forget to close your cartons with large adhesive tape and to limit their weight to 20 to 30 kilos maximum.
– Do not fill all your boxes the same day … it is not in the hurry that one works best.
– If you have several cartons of the same family, fill one and transport it to measure its resistance.
– Do not put more than 2 cartons on top of each other during the storage phase.

how to choose boxes for a move ?