Choosing an International Mover

How to choose an International Mover in Thailand ?

Many companies claim themselves international removal professional and expert of the Thailand. They are lure you with low prices.
Be careful in your steps, many people had problems with certain companies.
To prevent problems, Here are our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises :

The contact

You must be able to contact at any time your interlocutor by phone, mail or physically. For a communication by correspondence, the response time does not have to exceed 48 hours.
Choose a company with the staff capable of communicating in several languages, and if it’s possible in your mother tongue.

Opinions of the consumers

Inform you on the specialized forums and research opinions on the removal company. Do not hesitate to contact the old customers. You have to be sure of the reputation of the company.

Avoid comparisons websites

Some website express opinions and several quote / estimate of international removals services. Pay attention, websites transmit your requests to pass on to you a tempting offer. But very often to the detriment of the services. We suggest you to prefer a company with a dedicated and playful website.

Real and physical presence in Thailand

Verify that the company has a physical presence and that she doesn’t use subcontractors. The subcontracting harms in the quality of the services and will reserve you huge surprises.

Forwarder or mover ?

A Freight Forwarder can offer an international removal but this service is for him an extra. It’s preferable to let a company specialized in transport of personal effects.


Ask several intentional movers : compare and choose. In your research do not look only the prices but also the service.

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions and wait to clear every points you need. You are the customer of the company who will transport your personal effects, they must to be able to answer you quickly.

Read and understand quotation

A quote or an estimate must be read and understood before signing. Carefully check the services include and excluded of the estimates (Packing, unpacking, delivery…).

Do not pay deposit

All of the international removers have a politic of payment pre-paid. That is to say that everything have to be paid in advance. Be wary you of the companies which just ask you for a deposit.


Anticipate every step of your needs : administrative’s tasks and contact with movers company.


We don’t often remove in our life, even less in Thailand. Choose well your forwarder. Do not confide your personal effects to any company.

You have to :

  • Verify her reputation
  • Make research on internet
  • Do not look only the prices
  • Ask questions to companies