Choosing your moving insurance

How to choose your moving insurance

We often hear the expression prevention is better than cure but it is just as true during a move.

The declaration of value to be made before any move.

The statement of value to be completed at the time of establishing the contact with the supplier, this represents an estimate of the value of your property. This procedure is required. Once the document has been signed, the flyer assumes responsibility and compensation for any damage to your transportation property.

Is the mover responsible?

More information on the repayment terms will be explained in the declaration of value. Insurance may not work in your favor if you are considered to be at fault. What may be considered wrong is bad packaging on your part. Some more awful things can happen and be less easy for you to live. The truck or cargo may be stolen or an accident may occur. It is also necessary to be informed about the nature of the damaged products and how they have been harmed. If the object has been damaged before the transport of it cannot be refunded.

Moving damage insurance

There are some home insurance that already protects you in case of a move. Extensions of cover are possible with your insurers that allow you to be covered for this type of problem.

What if I move alone?

In this case you must look at your home multi-risk contract but when you go to a moving company to switch to the “Vehicle Damage” offer.

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choosing moving insurance