Choosing a parking for your move

How to proceed with the parking when you have a move ?

Choosing a good parking for your move Before you even get ready to take out your furniture you have to make sure that your car is within reach of your home, especially if the use of an imposing truck is necessary.

Make a declaration two weeks ago with the town hall

You must declare the occupation of your parking lot with your municipality two weeks beforehand. Subsequently you will be asked for a prior authorization if a furniture lift is to be used.

During the move

You will need to ask your movers to install the necessary security perimeter to inform pedestrians of your move. You will also need to share your move with your neighbors who may even, if you are lucky, help you move.

When should you start your steps?

You will need to apply for a parking permit 14 days before your move. As for the reservation of the place, the delay will vary from one to three weeks depending on the location.

The place of your truck is no longer available on the day of your move

With the issuance of a parking permit, people wishing to use your place are likely to get their car removed by the pound. You will be able to make a call to the police to have them removed. However make sure that the car does not belong to one of your neighbors.

Made of appeal to friends…

You can always arrange with friends to reserve your parking with their car while waiting for the movers. You will need to ask the movers in search of your move the length necessary for the location of the truck taking into account sufficient space to facilitate the work of movers.

how to park in a move