Cleaning before an international move

Big cleaning before moving

When making your accommodation, when you rent, you must return it in a good condition, the one where you found it.


  • Do not leave anything in the refrigerator and clean inside as well as outside.
  • Defrost your freezer
  • The interior and exterior of your cabinets must be clean, do not forget the work plan.
  • Do not forget to pyrolyze your oven
  • Do not neglect the appearance of your appliances (microwave, dishwasher etc …). Sponge on it.


  • The washbasin in the bathroom must be perfectly clean, as well as the shower and toilet. Do not hesitate to rub very strongly areas with visible tasks.
  • Dust must be made on all shelves


  •  The floors must be all clean, vacuum or sweep is essential
  • -Wash the mop on the tiled areas and remove the stains on your carpet.


  • There are some techniques to clean your walls. We advise you to take a soft glove or sponge with some laundry to remove any traces on the wall. A test is essential on a small area of ​​the wall to know if the paint will resist this treatment.
  • Remove anything that may have remained on the wall, nail, screw, hook or paste to fix. You will have to cover the eventual hole left by these objects.
  • The windows must be cleaned as well as all the outlines.


  • It is necessary that all the bulbs of your home function and that it does not miss
  • Empty garbage cans
  • Don’t forget to take a photo of each piece, indeed it avoids disputes with the owner

clean before moving