Clearing the new house

Cleaning his new home

As if the packing cartons and the loading of the moving van have not already taken you too much time and energy! Now you have to tackle the leaching of your new home.

Moving in a new home

If you move into a house or apartment that has just been built or renovated, you may have thought that the cleaning session will not take much time. Think again! There is often a lot of “construction” dust and sometimes even unpleasant odors emanating from wall coverings (paint or wallpaper glue).

Start by wiping all high surfaces such as kitchen worktops, cabinet shelves, window sills … with a damp sponge or cloth. Be ready to repeat the operation several times, dust can come back after a first pass.

For possible odour problems, circulate the air as much as possible inside your home by opening the windows and doors or even if necessary by using fans.

Regarding the flooring, the procedure will depend on their characteristics: maintenance product for your tiles, foam or soap for your carpets and varnish or wax for your floors.

Moving in an old housing

If you are not bothered by the smell of fresh paint, the residue or stains left by the previous tenant or owner can make you feel bad and make you feel not really at home. The bathroom and the kitchen are particularly problematic. These two pieces are not always as impeccable in terms of hygiene as they should. Clean up everything you can before unpacking your things: what is done will not be done. For the most resistant residues, stay eco-friendly using baking soda.

If you inherit tasks on your carpet or inadvertently do it during your move, follow these tips:

  • Avoid letting the stain dry so that it does not become irremediably fixed,
  • Try to absorb or minimize the spilled product with a spoon, knife, sponge or cloth,
  • Do not rub the task especially thinking that it will disappear. On the contrary, you risk aggravating the damage,
  • Apply the stain remover recommended by the manufacturer with a clean white cloth,
  • Absorb the liquid by pressing until you do not see any marks on your cloth,
  • Dry without rubbing with another cloth.

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