Difficult part of an international move

What will you have to face during an international move?

When you move, it is usually to settle in a larger, more comfortable or better situated house.

We are motivated by his new place of residence because the move in itself is not something exciting !! Storage, packing, cleaning … moving is not always easy as many internet users have found.

“I think the thing that was the most complicated was to find the contents of each carton, we did not label them properly and once we had to look for our things. We had to open them full and unpack everything. But we had a lot of labels on the 4 sides of the cardboard, it really helped us to make a first sort, but what we should have done is to put a number on each cardboards and to indicate on a sheet what it contained. ”

“The most difficult time was when I had to determine what I had to take with me and what I could leave in my old apartment, I was attached to too many things that were useless. I had a hard time telling me I had to give them up. ”

“It was not the day of the move that was the most complicated for me but the day after. When I really realized that I would have to rebuild a new network of friends … today I realized how important my old friends were. ”

“The hardest thing was to make sure that my mail was sent to my new address. I tend to get upset and the idea of ​​not receiving a mail has caused me stress.”

“I just realized that when you move, you have to forget a good part of your life and invent a new one. I did not necessarily realize it before but I realize now that it is a real upset. ”

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