Disassemble furnitures for a move

Disassemble your furniture before moving

When you make a quote estimate for your move you will be able to benefit for the optional dismantling and reassembly service. You can of course choose to do it yourself, in any case it will be necessary for you to know what to disassemble or not.

Disassembly post-move, ok but what?

All your furniture may not deserve to be dismantled and reassembled indefinitely, and would probably not support it. If some of your furniture can be moved safely, transport it as it is, without disassembling it; antique furniture, for example, does not support dismantling and reassembling.

Do you fancy yourself?

If you decide to dismantle some furniture yourself, consider preserving the screws, for example by storing them in a small bag that you attach or tap into a drawer. Look carefully at the way you do the disassembly keeping in mind that you will also have to put the same furniture together.

Space to predict?

If you are going to dismantle important pieces of furniture, first of all plan for a suitable place to move.

Weaknesses to indicate

If it is the movers who take care of the dismantling of your furniture, remember to indicate the weaknesses, collages, cracks that would have been formerly done. So, you will limit the extra damage. They are in principle obliged to indicate their weaknesses, but we must remain vigilant.