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Expatriation in Thailand: 10 key steps

To expatriate is not easy. An expatriation requires many steps to perform and you should not forget anything, at the risk of biting your fingers! Be careful of the lack of organization. In the case of some expatriates, it is the company that hires them that takes care of most of the formalities. In other cases, it will be up to the protagonist to take care of it. Here are some steps to linger on, among others.


The visa, this famous sesame. The steps require important documents depending on the visa you want. In the case of a professional expatriation, you will need a work visa. Thailand’s labour laws are complex and unique, so it’s important to learn more about the different formalities and steps you need to take. In the case where your family accompanies you, children and spouses will have recourse to an accompanying visa. The best is to consult your nearest embassy which will guide you according to your family situation and your children, minors or not.

Social protection and health

There are several options available to you as an expatriate. Either your employment contract includes a very good social coverage for you and your family, in which case it’s perfect. Otherwise, you will have to resort to a personalized insurance. Private and international insurance is generally popular with expatriates who appreciate the security that accompanies their reputation.

Registration at the consulate

Registering at the Consulate is a step that is not mandatory, however it is very positive for an expatriate and his family. Registration gives the possibility to vote abroad, to receive certain exclusive information, and also to be registered in the security plan of the Embassy. It is carried out very quickly and has a validity of 5 years, for you and your family.


Once again, there are several options: either your company takes care of finding you a roof over your head, or they provide you with a budget to respect for a rental, or you take care of finding a housing according to your budget and your desires.

A real estate agency will help you and find the accommodation that suits you, whether you are alone or with your family. The professional accompaniment of the agents and the direct contact between Francophones and Thais is accompanied by a factual knowledge of the field and the local real estate market. In addition, the help of a local professional will help you find the neighbourhood that suits you and your family.


If you are a young single professional, not too much to take, except maybe a pet? But if you are a father or mother of young children, they will not forgive you if you leave without their favourite toys … A tip: take the problem hard in advance! If you need to use a container, the travel time can be long … So, plan the shot so you do not have any unpleasant surprises.

SIAM RELOCATION is an international moving specialist, you will be able to count on a reactive, multi-lingual, available and reliable team that will offer you customized services according to your needs and constraints by explaining all the necessary steps.


Thailand has many options for your children to receive quality education. If you use a Company for your accommodation, counselors are in contact with many schools in Bangkok and elsewhere, this will allow you to choose with the help of locals a school that will suit you in terms of pedagogical orientation as well as geographical level.

Driving license

The international permit will not be enough if you are an expatriate with a particular visa. It is not complicated but you have to fulfill certain conditions, you will find everything in the article opposite, the driving license in Thailand.

Further information on car regulation, check our dedicated article : Import car to Thailand


The social life

It is well known, that you never feels more French than when you are abroad, and you are more often delighted to meet citizens of your mother country when being so far from home. Hence the interest of an associative life and meetings of French will allow you to make a network in the city in which you live. The registration at the consulate will be a good step forward, because the French-speaking network is important, especially in the city of Bangkok, and you will not miss contacts that will ultimately be a good community. In addition, you still have the opportunity to register on one or more of the countless Facebook groups of French and French speakers in Thailand or Meetup groups. Many activities are also organized within sports clubs for example. But above all, whether you are with your family or alone, take time to “track” the various events on facebook or on different cultural agendas. Many bars, restaurants and cafes are run by French people in Thailand and their clientele is mostly French speaking. Many organize aperitifs and meetings in French, who transform themselves often in evening “Wine and cheese”, nostalgic of their country!

Thai classes

If you are an expatriate, and you want to integrate better in the country, the best is to take Thai lessons, at least to learn the basics and get by in your daily life.

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