Expatriation in Thailand

Expatriate to Thailand – The guide

Welcome to your new life in Thailand! Your expatriation requires an organization and planning to respect for you and your family. Moving is a very important step of the expatriation … That’s why Siam-relocation accompanies you on every step in order to make your expatriation easier.

The purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the steps to move to Thailand. In addition we highlight the peculiarities of this country to help you in your future decisions.
This guide is designed for permanent residents in Thailand, which remains in the country for an indefinite period, there may be useful tips for simple tourists, but the majority of the content is for expats.

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Thailand is the same area as France, 514,000 km2. The longest distance is 1860 km between the golden triangle (Laos, Burma and Thailand) and the extreme south on the Malaysian border. The country is one of the most diverse climates of Southeast Asia. Mountain and jungle in the north, fertile plains in the center and tropical islands in the south.


The climate in Thailand is marked by the monsoon, not to be confused with tropical hurricanes, or other storms. There are three seasons in Thailand: The rainy season, the dry season and the warm season.

In Bangkok and its periphery, during the rainy season (May-October), average temperatures range from 24 to 32 degrees, humidity 87 percent, and raining of 200 mm per month. It does not rain all the day but it rains hard, very hard.. Rarely more than two hours, causing flooding in some parts of Bangkok.

The dry season is the most pleasant (November-February), perfect temperature, little humidity and blue sky.

During the dry season, you will live with air conditioning constantly, temperatures exceeding 35 degrees, humidity reaches 75%.

It should be noted that the south suffers less of the variation of season, due to its proximity to the equator. The north is mountainous and the temperatures are cooler. The air more breathable than Bangkok.


90% of Thai are Buddhists, according to the latest figures, Muslims represent the largest minority of the kingdom with 7%, originating from the south, they are found in Bangkok. There are also many Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Thai people are very tolerant with all religions, the public space authorizes any religious practice. You will see very few thai atheists. The Buddhism is felt everywhere, in the streets, malls, condominiums.

Government and monarchy

Thailand is officially a monarchy, the king is a living god respected by all. Rama 10, does not lead the affairs of the kingdom, but enjoys an enormous popularity among the population, arbiter political conflicts and largely contributed to the development of the country, launching massive investment policies.

The army

The army is steering the country firmly. Some approve, some not… At least they stopped the crisis between the yellows and the reds, and brought a social peace to the country. General Prayuth has been running the country since 2014.


You will feel safe in Thailand, aggression’s or crimes against foreigners are rare. You may feel safer than in your own country. The danger is mostly on the roads, the country is the world record of road insecurity.

Thailand remains a very important tourist destination, so pay attention to scams, thefts… If you are in doubt, politely refuse any invitation, do not hesitate to call on the tourist police, who speak English. Drugs use are severely repressed in Thailand.