Expatriation in Thailand

Moving to Thailand

What is an Expatriate ?

An expatriate is an individual residing in a country other than his or her own. In everyday language, it is generally used to refer to highly qualified professionals who establish themselves abroad for professional reasons.
The expatriate is a special category of emigrant. He may be expatriated for personal, family or professional reasons, whether for studies, career prospects or desires for discovery. In everyday language, the term “expatriate” generally refers to a Western person holding the nationality of A developed country and working overseas because of its globally recognized skills.

Why should we expatriate in Thailand ?

If Thailand is a paradise for vacationers, it is also a destination of choice for expatriates. Pleasant living environment, reasonable cost of living and cultural richness are the main assets that attract these new nomads. Nevertheless, some precautions should be taken and a good preparation should be made so that this exceptional period of personal and professional life is a real success.

What should we know about a move ?

The success of an expatriation project depends to a large extent on good preparation. Before your departure from your hometown, it is important to apply for a visa for Thailand from the consular representation of the country. The validity of a long-term visa is 12 months maximum, you will probably have to renew it each year. However, it should be noted that visa renewal procedures are not always easy with the Immigration.

Another important step before embarking on the plane is to find an accommodation. Prices per square meter are very affordable compared to the Hexagon, sometimes up to seven times cheaper. For example, it costs 350 € to rent a studio of 35 m² fully furnished in the city of Bangkok. Those who leave with their family can rent a house of 3 to 4 rooms for 60 000 to 100 000 baths monthly, between 1 600 € and 2 600 €.

The cultural wealth of the country is reflected in the mixture of traditions, religious customs and monarchy, giving rise to splendid temples and palaces. Apart from its superb architectural achievements, it is also reflected in dance and theater, whose performances are inspired by those of its Khmer neighbors, Mon and Indians. An expatriation in Thailand offers the opportunity to discover this new culture and to imbibe the way of life of the local population.

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