Help on International move

Who to call to help you move

D-Day approaches, and all your friends are parading one after the other … But do not panic, many solutions exist to save the day!

Paid solutions are available to you, from professional movers looking for secondary jobs to everyday workers. If you move in the summer, hurry because these people are not available. If you move in the winter, do not be afraid to negotiate published rates.

Moving help companies

Believe it or not, more and more companies are specializing in this type of help. You will find many on the Internet and most will send you a quote after responding to the questionnaire on their site (questionnaire to understand your needs).

These companies generally offer a rate of 2 hours, and charge an additional price per hour if you want more time.

Moving professionals

Although these companies (the gentlemen of the move for example) would prefer to take care of all your move, they offer to provide workers, paid by the hour. It’s hard to find in summer but it’s worth a try! The advantage of this solution is that you have to do to pros, who will advise you at best.

Moving Truck Rental Companies

If you rented a truck for your move, find out about the additional services. These renters sometimes offer this type of service.

 Interim agencies

Although these companies are more specialized in “office help”, contact them to explain your needs. They will surely offer you a fixed hourly rate per worker.