How to load a container properly ?

Five unavoidable points before you load a container

Wondering of sending goods through ocean? You already must be having in mind the complexity of the operation. Some of the most important points are paperwork, preparing the packing list and must of all the customs clearance. But many of shipping companies fail in noticing the importance of the appropriate load of the container. This is crucially unavoidable. You might fill the papers well and firmly load your container with accuracy. But if there is a problem in the container, those other efforts can be thrown in the bean. The forwarders are responsible for the packing or unload the enclosure.

In the following article, we will detail and give you some advice unavoidable to have in mind when loading a container.


One assures that the weight of your load is distributed uniformly on the surface in the soil of your container. In case your weight of the shipment unequally is concentrated, insure itself of distributing the weight with the bed clothes in the soil of the container. A heavy container an extremity and light on other one it can provoke problems of weight if the weight is too much raised on an axis. This also returns the most difficult manipulation to the port and can be dangerous up to sometimes.

To take note not to exceed the useful maximum load of the container. Habitually, the brute maximum mass of a container is of 24 000 kg (52 900 lb) for a dry container of 20 feet and of 30 480 kg (67 200 lb) for a dry container of 40 feet.

You can find the capacity of weight of every container indicated on the door of right. But annotate that this limit of weight is raised generally much more than the limit than weight authorized on the way. This says, if you load a heavy container, insure itself of checking the regulations local.


In the time, there are many factors who intervene in the moment of the planning of a date and of an hour of load. Certain things that it is necessary to guard to the spirit understand the distance to the port. When a driver takes the container, can it do the time of load? Can it return to the port before it is closed? If the response is negative, prepare itself to pay supplementary expenses in order that the trucker could store the container during the night and for supplementary days of utilization of the frame and possibly even for the supplementary truck to the port.

Cargo packing

Almost all the hurts to the shipment in a full container ensue from an insufficient packing or from an incorrect arrangement. The rammer consists not of putting at least in it so many goods as possibly. It is important to distribute the weight correctly.

Certain factors that it is necessary to consider understand the weight, the height and the type of shipment. To indicative title, do not place the humid goods over the dry shipment, because you run I am in danger of ruining your dry shipment. In agreement with the theory of the gravity, do not also place objects weighed on a lighter shipment to avoid the crushing.

Calm your load with complete certainty packing your container so narrowly as possibly. If you use of the dunnage, all the materials of blockade, of fret and of packing must be treated in conformity with the regulations of the country of destination. You also can use girths to tie the shipment in site. Take note not to put direct pressure on the door of the container. If necessary, a fence uses or a barrier to avoid the pressure.

The packing and the load of the container can seem to be rather explicit. But many people do not understand the movement who can take place inside the container during the trip of a nose.


First, you have the stamp. It is the alone thing on which the people have false ideas and the diversions of number of stamps take place more than you thinks about it. The stamp is the responsibility of the senders. Though you could come often to a trucker or to a maritime company to supply the stamp, incumbe in last instance to the senders of assuring that the number of stamp is indicated correctly on ALL the applicable documents. These principally refer to the knowledge (B / L).

A number of sealed incorrect can cause problems with the customs to the destination. This, to your return, can provoke supplementary considerable expenses. Without forgetting the expenses of delay whereas you wait. A good idea is to assure him of writing the number of the stamp and possibly even of photographing it. Once finished, formless your agent of traffic of the number of the stamp and assure that appears correctly on it (B / L. In case the numbers do not correspond, put in I contact immediately your maritime company and it inform them about the situation.


When you choose FCL, the whole space of the container is recommended to use. This means of a corner other one and of a wall to other one. If you do not have enough shipment that it is necessary to cover, it fulfills the empty spaces with dunnage of fret.

As well as for the weight, you also want to distribute your goods uniformly. That is to say that you it should not make all accumulate your shipment up to height in the back half of the container and have distributed them in the soil in the half before.

how to load a container