International & Ecological move

How to make an ecological move?

If you want to move with the least possible impact on the environment, you will need advice to respect your philosophy during your move.

You will have to organize this move according to the rules of 3RV.

Reduce waste before moving

You need to minimize your waste by calculating your cardboard needs so you do not buy too much. Use bags or suitcases that you already have. You will have to limit as much as possible the purchase of dangerous products. You can do it once installed in your new home. Prefer to use sheets or linen rather than bubble wrap to protect fragile items.

Reuse objects

To provide you with cardboard, ask your loved ones or in supermarkets if they already have in possession to avoid any unnecessary purchase. If you want to get rid of your old furniture or old clothes, turn to associations like Emmaûs, who will be able to recover them. You can also sell them in flea markets, sellers, or empty attic but avoid leaving them in the street, they might not find an owner.

Recycle items

If you want to transform one of your rubbish into a decoration or give it value by giving it a use, you only need a little imagination or you just need to go to decoration sites. Be careful not to dispose of dangerous products, the municipality can take care of them for you or give you the addresses of the nearby garbage dump.

Valuing and reusing products

Recovery is not the only way to recover waste, as there is also composting. We advise you to buy a composter after you move or to make one.


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