International move – Best tips

Some practical tips to organize your move

On the Internet (and on you can find many tips to organize your move in the best conditions. To make things easier for you, we have selected the 3 most important ones:

Pack your clothes and linens in large plastic bags.

Do not hesitate to use large garbage bags to carry your clothes, towels, blankets, sheets and duvets. Indeed, the move boxes are not big enough to contain everything. In addition, plastic bags are more economical, more flexible (you can put more business there) and are more easily transportable compared to cartons.
You can also wrap towels and duvets your fragile items inside your garbage bags so as to protect them. Just make sure that your bags are resistant to prevent them from breaking or stumbling before you arrive. It is also advisable to indicate in a visible way that your bag is not intended for garbage! The only downside is that you will probably have to iron most of your clothes once you get to your destination.

easy international moveLabel your cartons with duct tape of different colors

Indeed, if you indicate on your cartons in which parts of your future housing are intended your business, it will be easier for you once your cartons have arrived at their destination. The ideal is to close them with large colored scotch which have a meaning for each piece: for example blue for the kitchen, green for the rooms, black for the cellar… No need to turn the cartons in all the directions to find the right face.

Do not empty your dressers

Why not take advantage of the space available in your chest drawers? They can accommodate unbreakable items such as books, CDs and DVDs, board games, etc. Make sure not to put small objects that might collide when moving your furniture. Avoid putting fragile items on it, instead opt for the trick of plastic bags, wrapped in towels or blankets.
Also remember to remove the drawers before transporting your chest of drawers or furniture in the moving truck. Once loaded in the truck, replace the drawers and secure them with tape to prevent them from opening during the journey. Do the reverse operation before unloading.