Moving to a big city

Having an international move in a big city like Bangkok

When you go to a house in town it is not always easy to transport all your belongings. We must therefore have a minimum of organization so that everything takes place for the better.

Make the trip in advance

When you ask a mover to make your move you will have to rent a truck it is strongly recommended to have the route in mind to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Plan possible traffic conditions that could disrupt transportation. With these precautions you will have an idea of ​​the transport time and this will reduce your stress.

Narrow and dangerous roads or streets are also to be avoided. Essential advice for the day of your move, is to provide a parking near your home. The space must be large enough to clear the truck’s belongings. Beware some places must be reserved in town hall before.

Reserve the elevators

When you move into a building you have to make contact with the caretaker of it, indeed certain rules are to be respected during a move. Sometimes a courier is even needed to prove that you are moving well that day.

The easiest way to move into a building is when it has 2 elevators. This will allow you to block for your personal use. Do not hesitate to notify by leaving a message in their mailbox.

Measure the dimensions of your furniture.

Sometimes you do not consider the size of your furniture and when you put them in the elevator you realize that it does not pass. If the problem happens to you, you should dismantle everything to get them up the stairs. We advise you to do the disassembling when you are at home before the move rather than speed once down your new apartment. The possibility of using freight elevators is also possible.

On the stairs, be careful not to damage the walls and your furniture. Put some bubble wrap as a precaution in the corners of the furniture.