International move – boxes

Carton boxes for your international move

You have to organize yourself to find everything when you’ll settle down. In order to not forget any object, make sure to organize yourself for the packing of your goods.

The material to be provided during a move

You will need boxes in quantity during your move. Be sure to pack them with strong and thick adhesive tapes. The use of bubble wrap, foam or corrugated cardboard will be required to pack your most fragile items. In order to find you in this mountain of boxes and cardboard uniforms, marker or labels will help you to identify the contents

Room after room during the move

Make it easier for you to move by numbering your boxes and indicating the room where the content comes from. By packing your stuff piece by piece, you will avoid mixing items from different pieces in one carton.

Marker in hand

You can also note the name of the room from which the object comes from in the box and add a description of what’s in this room. Annotate “Fragile” on each side of the box on each carton containing fragile items.

Inside the moving carton

Your cartons will be shaked during thee move: to prevent the content to move too much, fill them compactly. Be careful, you have to be able to lift them: avoid putting heavy things on it, alternate with light objects or clothes and especially make sure that the heavier objects are always at the bottom of your boxes.

Last minute cards on the day of the move

Some things are still hanging around but you do not really know which boxes to put them in: keep a few empty boxes “holdall” to put the items that drag and those that you use every day. You will probably have to unpack them first when you arrive.

packing international move