International move with children

Facilitate the removal of children

Relocations are sometimes painful times for children. We will in this article give some tips to ease the misfortune of your children.

Organizer a departure party

A last party with all their friends at the same time. With this party your children will be able to say goodbye to their friends and the people they left in their old city. Avoid organizing this party at the last moment so that it takes place in a good atmosphere rather than in an atmosphere of sadness before departure.

Create a souvenir poster

Keep home memories, photos, videos, it’s important that your children remember their old home. Make a photo poster before the move and hang it in their new room in the new house.

Do not change everything

Children have their own little rhythms and do not like to force the heat exchanger. The move is already a big change for them, it is accompanied by a great challenge. So finding the old habits in the new house will be very important to them.

Help them to re-build

If you have the opportunity to reserve a playroom at the games in the new house. Remember to keep boxes, kids love to play with to make huts. With all these boxes he can do his own new home.