International move with your family

How to prepare an international move with children ?

A move brings about such a change in life that its mere evocation can provoke epidermic reactions from the members of the family.

For children, there is the fear of leaving the house in which they spent their entire childhood, “losing themselves” in a new city, no longer living next to their friends, eventually having to change school. For adults, the organization of the move can be completely crippling. So remember that you are a family and that everyone can help each other during this difficult phase. The following 4 tips can help.

1- Be honest.

If you consider that a move will have an impact on your entire family, make family decisions! Do not isolate yourself and act like a despot. Give them the floor and listen to what your spouse and children think of your choice. Do not put the fate of your project in their hands but make them participate. The dialogue will remove some doubts and find solutions that you may not have thought of.

2- Distribute the roles.

Some people are more comfortable in general organization and others in the concrete realization of actions. Do not try to do everything. Assign responsibilities to each family member: you will be more efficient collectively and everyone will feel actively involved in the move.

3- Admit the difference.

The experience of change is different for everyone. It is important that each member of the family can live this period at their own pace, according to their emotions. Consequently, a person who is not enthusiastic about the announcement of the move or its proceeding is no more “bad” than a hyper-active person who sees the move as a way of evolving.

4- Continue to enjoy life.

A move is no small matter, that’s for sure. But that does not mean that your life before must completely stop. Keep having a good time with your family. Make the most of your current life. Make pauses in the preparations. It is really the time to have fun with family : keep a budget to give you the means.