International move of frozen foods

How to manage the move of frozen foods ?

At the time of the move, it would be better not to have any more frozen products because it is not advisable to refreeze products that have been previously removed from their place of conservation.

What to discard before moving?

Most products will not be able to travel with you. However, you can take bread that can be refrozen and some defrosted and cooked food, subject to precautions of hygiene and speed. To move them, it will be necessary to find a way to preserve all this until the destination: the insulated bags or the coolers can be a solution, provided to travel small distances over short durations. You can also opt for a good meal of departure.

Leave the food in the freezer during the move?

To avoid! During transport, it may drain water or moisture, which will damage your food but especially the rest of your property housed too close to the freezer. It is unlikely that the insurer will then understand and compensate you for the damage.

And the movers?

Attention, movers are likely to tell you that they are not supposed to take care of your fresh and frozen products. Indeed, even if they wished, they could not find a solution “hygienic” guaranteeing the preservation of your food.

Prefer to anticipate

See what you have left and set the menu for the weeks before the move to gradually empty your closets and freezer with good meals. By taking it in advance, you will have consumed your food before the big day and you will avoid any loss or waste.

moving frozen food