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How to prepare your home appliance for the move ?

There are some things you need to do when you want to move your appliances. This is especially important for products that need water in their operation.

Actions before the move

You have to prepare for moving your home appliances by emptying all the contents of your refrigerator and defrosting the freezer. Do not forget to dry your products to avoid the smell after transport. To avoid the rush during the move take the time to clean up your products in advance. For white household appliances clean with bleach and prefer white vinegar for stainless steel products.

Anticipate disconnections

Do not forget to unplug all your electrical appliances because the movers are not required to do so. If you have a washing machine or a dishwasher make sure that they are completely dry before transport. You will need to remove the outlets and outlets. If you want to transport your oven empty the grids and the contents of the oven drawer, to have the method to follow use the instructions of your oven.

Secure your devices before moving

You may have older or older appliances that can be dangerous depending on their condition. To give you an example, in a washing machine the tub must be stabilized with sockets that you had to purchase. And so as not to lose any parts, put all the hoses in the machine. You must be informed about the transport precautions of each of your machines.

Loading in the moving truck

When loading your moving truck, first put appliances in. Indeed, their rectangular shapes will better optimize the space of the truck.

If damage there is … after the move

Often excluded from insurance coverage, electrical damage is possible. The only damages that are included, are the apparent damage when it is proven that they come from the moving operations.

Once the move is completed

It is often advisable to let your appliances sit at least 24 hours after transport. As you are told in the article above, electrical damage is not included in the insurance.

And the food then?

If you still have some food left in your old house you will not have the opportunity to transport them in the truck to your new home. With the remains of these foods it is better to have a meal during the moving day to thank your friends who help you and the movers.

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