Moving at the right time

When is the right time for an international move ?

Many things to think about, phone calls to make, big planning to manage: all the reasons that would make you regret having enjoyed improvising your move. A little anticipation and the choice of the right period for the D-Day, that is (almost) all it takes !

When to move ?

The summer period remains the time of the year most popular for a move. Week starts and middles of the months too! To avoid these periods, do not organize your departure during the school holidays and even less in the months of July and August. During the week, please note that availability is higher.

The time to be expected before the big day of the move

In the so-called period of calculation, a reasonable month of time, because you obviously have a large number of formalities to perform, professional, administrative or family. If you move in peak periods, it is longer.

The time of the quote

Plan in advance that you will be asked for quotes if you want to get an idea of the market price. Rather than make an estimate over the phone, you can meet a consultant who will set the conditions for your move.

And how much does a move cost?

The cost of your move depends on several criteria. Before making an estimate, the movers will first ask you some questions:

  • The distance between your arrival point and your starting point
  • The volume in m3 to move.
  • The chosen formula: economic (packaging, unpacking at your expense) or all-inclusive.

To change region can represent a cost of 4,000 euros.

Save in connection with your moving date

During the high season, from mid-June to mid-September, the most requested period, prices are 30 to 40% higher than during the rest of the year. Using a less congested period, you can save between 20% and 25% and enjoy more flexibility in service.