International schools in Thailand

International schools in Thailand – How register your child ?


Settle down in Thailand with children means that you go to have to find them a school. The first decision which you have to take is to know which type of school to put them. You can choose between private schools with a bilingual or English program (let us call these “bilingual schools”), either you could choose a real international school.

Bilingual schools vs international schools

The bilingual schools follow the Thai national program, the majority of the courts being given in English. On the other hand, the international schools follow the program of another national program, as the American or British curricula. They also tend to use the modern teaching methods which accompany these foreign programs, whereas the bilingual schools are held in most of the methods of memorization of routes widely used in the ordinary Thai schools. For that reason, numerous Thai families of superior class will send their children to international schools.

Another important difference is the price: the international schools are going to be more expensive than the bilingual schools. With the higher price, an international school should offer better installations, a better paid and more qualified foreign teaching personnel, and a better preparation so that your child can enter the university in your country of origin.

The international school curricula in Thailand

A number of different programs are taught in international schools in Thailand. They understand: · international High school diploma

  • American
  • Britanique
  • Australian
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Swiss
  • Singaporean

Besides, a good many of international schools in Thailand are Christian schools and incorporate the education of the Christian values into the curriculum.

Many of these schools were based by missionaries, and so the Christian flavor of the program is strongly stressed. Whom you are Christian, whom you belong to another religion or whom you are non-religious, the religious educational quantity which your child will receive to the school will be something that you want to consider.

Obviously, if you want that your child studies in your country of origin at some point, it will be then advantageous to choose a school with a corresponding structure of program. Another option is the program of the International High school diploma ( IB), which was developed for the first time in Geneva, in Switzerland in 1968. It is about an educational program internationally recognized conceived to prepare the citizens of the world to pursue their university studies.

Certain international schools in Thailand are strictly primary schools for the pupils until approximately 12 years. Others include the grammar school for the children up to the age of 18 years.

International tuition fees

Tuition fees will be charged either a year, or by quarter. Besides the recurring tuition fees, an international school can have a ” tax of application ” or unique “registration fees”. Verify attentively if there are other costs hidden under the shape of additional costs for textbooks, food, computers, etc.

You can find a list of the international schools below. If you find it a who  seems to correspond to your child, the following stage would consist in contacting directly the school for more information. If you are already in Thailand, I recommend you to visit the school so that you can see the first-hand installations and meet some of the teachers personally. Here is a list of the international schools in Thailand so that you can begin with.

The international schools in Chiang Mai

Here are the international schools in Chiang Mai, listed with their type of program.

Below: international school in Bangkok

Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand, various international school are there, they are ranked by alphabetic list

Below: International school based in Phuket

Below, international school in Pattaya

Pattaya is a seaside city near Bangkok which is popular with numerous expatriates. As such, it also has several international schools.

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