Load your belongings safely

How to move cartons without pains

Some “to do / not to do” advises for a moving

If you have already transported and loaded moving cartons in a truck, you know that the risk of twisting your back is real. Siam Relocation can give you some advices for saving some back pains for your next moving.

Follow these tips to protect your back and relieve your body throughout a move:

– Bend your knees and keep your back straight when loading. Lift with the legs, not with the back!
– Wear gloves with PVC pimples so that what you are carrying will not escape you.
– Get help to lift and carry objects that are the heaviest or bigger even if they are light.
– Spread out of your way anything that could bother you or make you stumble.
– Bring the objects closer to your center of gravity: stick them to your body.
– Take your time to lift up your boxes and walk slowly.

If you follow those last advices, you won’t have any problems. Now are the things not to do, during a moving if you don’t want stay on your bed for the week after your move…

– Don’t carry more than one carton or one object at a time.
– Don’t run; don’t use areas that are congested by your other business or difficult to access.
– Don’t carry damaged cartons. Reinforce them with large scotch tape before lifting them.
– Don’t attempt to transport objects that are too heavy for you.
– Don’t wear cardboard on the head or soft objects like carpets on your shoulders.
– Don’t lean forward when carrying heavy objects.

Our last two tips:

– Listen to your body! If you feel a small pain, stop immediately, otherwise the pain will increase until you get something really bad
– Stretch before and after your move.