Loading the truck

International move – How to fill your truck?

Some people choose to move without the help of professionals. If this is your case you will have to arrange the arrangement of your business in the vehicle that you rented for the occasion, to have the most space possible.

Where to start … big furniture or cartons?

The loading priority depends on the person who will advise you, there are many ways to see things. Some movers have to put the largest furniture first in the truck so that they are certain to enter the truck. Some people think instead to put the boxes first to make a wall.

You can try both solutions but know that either solution will also depend on the size of your boxes. If all your cartons are of a relatively similar size, it is probably better to put the furniture first to optimize the space. Attention do not forget to attach the cartons to not drop all your load.

Distribute the weight of your load

You will also have to think about balancing the weights in the truck so that unloading is as easy as possible. The evenly distributed weight will allow you to drive the truck more easily. The best is to put the big boxes on the sides so as to have the most room to go to the bottom of the truck.

What to do with photo frames and mirrors?

Pay careful attention to anything that is photo frame that is extremely fragile and that can break easily during a move. Wrap them with bubble wrap or put them between 2 mattresses.

Disassemble the tables

Some furniture occupy a lot of space, the tables are part of it, it is necessary if it is possible to disassemble them and pack them into spare parts. Sometimes it is too difficult to disassemble or it is not even possible to do it, put it flat in the truck to optimize the space.

Put your sofas in an upright position

As for sofas it’s another problem, do not leave them horizontally in the truck but put them vertically. The ceiling in the moving trucks is always high enough to put them in this way.

Use your shelves

For the shelves there are also 2 possibilities, either you disassemble them or if it is not possible use them to store business in the drawers. But do not leave a business, unwrapped or not put in a box, placed on these shelves, you could find them scattered throughout the truck.

Use straps

There is always the possibility that your business will deteriorate during transportation despite the fact that your business is filling the entire truck. The best solution for this is to protect the cargo with straps during transport. It must be done as and when filling the truck.

The advice we give you is the methods our teams use. You will save time, space and therefore money.

how to load a truck