Managing all changes from a move

How to organize your new life after a move ?

A new job, a separation, an unexpected event … the reasons for moving far from home are multiple. On the other hand, a distant move is always complex from a logistical point of view. We’ll help you get organized.

Do not take everything away

Will your Ikea shelves survive transportation? Do you really need to take with you clothes that you have not worn for three years? A long trip can be a good opportunity to leave out all the “old things” that you have accumulated. Be much more selective in your choices compared to what you would have done for a small move.

If you need an additional reason to help you give up some things, tell yourself that what works in your current home will not find its place in your new life or housing. If you have the time and patience, arrange a sale by inviting all your friends and neighbors. You can also post classified ads on internet. To make you forget your frustration of not being able to take everything, reinvest the money you will have collected in the purchase of new furniture.

Make an inventory of what you want to take with you

The “sequence” of packing boxes often gives headaches. To avoid aspirin tablets, there is nothing better than making a list of things to take away well before D-Day. This will allow you to organize, have a better idea of ​​the number of cardboard boxes to buy and their dimensions . You will also be able to more easily identify if something is missing when you unpack them once you arrive.

Study your budget

Moving to a new region can cost up to 5,000 euros depending on the volume of furniture, cardboards to be transported and the number of kilometers to be traveled. At this price, it is better to study the question of the budget seriously and question several movers. To save money and reduce your bill, you can pack your own business and call on professionals only for transportation. Good luck ! If you are moving for business reasons, negotiate with your new employer to cover part of the costs. You can also enjoy the mobili-pass.

Make a stop in a nice place and take your time.

Last advice : if you cross France, take the time on the day of the move, to do some sightseeing by stopping in a city that deserves the detour. In terms of travel time, plan ahead. Sometimes everything does not go as planned !! If everything goes well, you will have more time to relax once you arrive.