Moving abroad

Moving abroad with Siam Relocation

It is going to be about crossing borders, being in an unknown country, changing habits.

In order not to feel completely lost once on the spot, a good preparation is essential, and it would be better also to recover a maximum of practical information on your future country.

Move with a help from work

Assistance and compensation can be provided by your current or future employer if you move for work. To find out more, do some research about the terms and conditions within the company. Depending on the destination, you can use trucking, ship or plane.

Move away from work

Your company does not support your move, so you have several choices: you can sell most of your furniture, place some in furniture storage or decide to move everything. Whatever your decision, be careful to carry all the important papers with you rather than leaving them to the movers. If in doubt, opt for the scanning of your documents and archiving on digital safes.

Settle in with new furniture

The further you go, the more economical this solution will be. Transport costs can sometimes be higher than the purchase of new furniture, prefer to keep only the objects that are important to you.

Move away with everything

You have finally decided to take everything with you, you can first opt ​​for the boat, the costs will then be lower, but you will have to be patient. You can also decide to move your goods by road carrier, knowing that companies usually expect to have enough requests before leaving to optimize refills. Please note that the arrival date of your furniture is not guaranteed. Finally, you have the solution of the plane, if you don’t have a lot to bring with you!

A move at what price

Depending on the time of year, the distance to travel and finally the volume, prices are likely to vary. Compare the different options available to you depending on the destination and try to evaluate the price of your move via a volume calculator.