Moving by air vs moving by sea

What is the difference between moving by Air and moving by Sea ?

Moving By Air:

The main asset of the move by plane is obviously to present much better delivery times than the Seaway. A journey of several days of boat will be carried out in just a few hours by the air … Siam-Relocation is recognized for its responsiveness and will allow you to benefit fully from this advantage!
The aerial move can compete with shipping in terms of cost on volumes less than 3m³.

On the other hand, there are strict regulations for air transport (hazardous products, explosives, customs limitations …) and our team of experienced movers will accompany you on the choices to be made and the formalities to be carried out.

Depending on your destination, especially for many Asian countries, air cargo can be the safest and ultimately the least costly alternative to other types of transport. The absence of a port and of roads make it difficult to envisage sea and road transport.

For better manage the installation time, our customers often prefer to move by air for essential items and transport the rest of their goods by sea.

International movers: a technical service that requires professional movers

Our team will accompany you every step of the way to succeed in our mission: to offer you a serene and fast moving.

Whether it is for the specific preparation of your business, the knowledge of the legislation and the destinations, the follow-up of your goods from their departure to their establishment, have the free spirit and let the professionals of Siam Relocation organize your move.
We master Thai legislation in air transport, so we strongly recommend door-to-door services or all stages of the move are included, including customs clearance. Our team is present at the airport of Suvarnabhumi but also in the main airport of Thailand.

Moving By Sea:

We manage shipping times and shipping costs to ensure you have a competitive international move. Indeed, our removal company selects the most reliable shipping companies.

Whether they are personal or business, your furniture and business are embarked on board a ferry-type boat by container, in a sea crate or in a pallet. Responding to strict standards, the maritime container is a safe moving container and perfectly adapted to the overseas move of objects of any kind.
Before handing over or forwarding, they can be temporarily stored in our secure storage, which will decrease the handling, thus the overall cost.
We work with the best shipping companies, to offer you the best service at the best price. We prefer fast lines from the worldwide ports to the port of Bangkok, where our import service will take over, ensuring you peace of mind. Our experience in Thailand makes us one of the leaders in international moving to and from “the country of smiling”.