Moving – Big furniture through small door

Moving: How to bring a large piece of furniture through a small door ?

After weeks of preparation and intense DIY days, D-Day moved. Everything goes as planned, until you realize that your sofa is too wide to enter your living room. It does not pass through the doorway, whose width you have overestimated.

No panic, everything is not lost yet. Have you tried to get the door out of its hinges ? You will gain a few centimeters that can prove very precious. Is your sofa disassembling ? Sometimes the feet are retractable. Have you thought of making it go through the window ? You could hoist it with ropes along the outside wall. This will require a bit of energy and a few cold sweats, but if you do it well, it should be fine.

If your sofa has a lot of value, you could ask a carpenter or upholsterer to disassemble it, then reassemble it once the door is past.

If you do not have the soul of a handyman, it is better to contact an international moving expert. He may have a solution to offer you.

Last solution, mourn his sofa … Is not this finally the opportunity to get rid of it? You’ve been thinking about it for several years. It may cost you a little (a lot) of money but do you really have a choice? To finance the purchase of the new sofa, post an ad on a classifieds site, you may get a good surprise.