Moving Day: 5 ways to not get hurt

How to prepare an international move ?

To save on the moving budget, many of us decide to transport their furniture and packing cartons themselves. The problem is that by doing this, you would never be able to get back on your feet. Some precautions should be taken when you wearing heavy objects?

Know your limits

If an object seems spontaneously too heavy to carry without risking to hurt you, then it is probably dangerous to lift it. Trust your intuition. Do not go further and seek to get help from a friend. If in addition to being heavy, the object is fragile, calling on a professional is certainly the best solution. And do not forget, it is sometimes enough a simple false movement to cricked back.

Keeping things close to oneself

If we have to keep our friends close to us at all times, the moving cartons have to be even more so. In other words, the closer your body is to the carton, the easier it will be to lift it. Very concretely, before you launch, put a foot on the side of the cardboard you want to carry and the other foot behind it. In this way, the cardboard will remain close to your body. This will have the merit of relieving your back and neck.

Using your abdominal muscles

The taller you are, the more important it is to make the effort of pulling by its’ ‘abs’. This will have a dual interest : relieve your back and avoid putting your spine to the test. A recommendation to be followed by those who have a small scoliosis.

Lift with legs

No doubt this is not the first time you have heard this advice, but within a few hours of a move, it is worth repeating: to lift something heavy … bend your knees, put yourself straight up and then go back slowly. If you need to pivot after lifting your carton, turn with your feet rather than with your hips.

Thinking before acting

Do not rush ! Before carrying anything, look where you are going to go. Be careful to clear the passage: it would be a shame to take your feet in a toy or an old pair of shoe that would be it there.