Moving hazardous items

How to move dangerous products?

When you want to move dangerous products, it is important to know the rules of transport for each family of products. Indeed handling dangerous products is a delicate operation that requires very important safety rules.

What are the RDD?  

RDD are grouped into four categories: corrosive, flammable, explosive and toxic. Painting, batteries, gasoline, corrosive gardening products, glue, pool products for example.

Moving dangerous products during a move?

It is necessary to handle dangerous products with great care because they are in most cases dangerous for the environment. When transporting the perfect location is in the back in strong boxes. It is still necessary to pay attention to the fact that these products remain stable in the cartons. It is also obviously forbidden to smoke during their handling.

Special cases of gas and mercury

If you move a gas such as propane, your vehicle must be well maintained. Also be careful that the product is tight and held upright. If you carry mercury, it must be placed in a sealed and covered with water to prevent fumes.

When you have to move gases such as propane, the management of the vehicle must be irreproachable. If you carry mercury you must be ensured that the gas is in a tightly sealed package.

Management of dangerous products on arrival

They will have to be put in a new storage area. It is best to keep them in their original packaging and buy only what you need in order to not create an accumulation of these dangerous products. They should be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place. The gases must be kept outdoors throughout the year.

How to get rid of these RDD before moving?

It is not necessary to let these products hang around because the municipalities have instructions to recover them. Town halls also often set up a recycling service for dangerous products, it is necessary to contact them in order to know the different modalities of the service.

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