Preparing a move at the last moment

Make your cartons to move in urgency

If you have not really been able to prepare your move, you will only have a few days to make your boxes. Follow these tips and relax … everything is going to be alright

Start by packing what you will need the first week.

move at the last momentClothes, towels, toiletry kits, pots, cutlery or cooking utensils … reserve a box or two to put the necessary business, those that will allow you to live properly during the first days. When you arrive in your new home, you will find yourself in front of a mountain of boxes and if you have them in a hurry, chances are that you cannot get your brush quickly teeth.
Do not go beyond 4 cartons so that you can quickly identify them and especially place them in an easily accessible place: if you must climb a mountain of cards to reach them, the cause is lost in advance.

Move piece by piece.

Fill your cartons in an orderly and consistent manner. Gather the belongings of a room in the same series of boxes: living room with living room, bedroom with bedroom, etc. Then label your cartons with what it contains. For fragile objects, it is best to put them in a specific carton and store them in a separate place.
If you must go very fast, you may not have time to do everything right. The main thing is to close the boxes well and not to fill them too much. Better is 30 boxes to 2/3 filled than 20 heavy top boxes that are likely to break at the slightest shock or break your back.

Leave the cartons open if possible.

Do not tape all cartons as soon as you feel they are filled. Leave one or two open in each room so that you can put in a misplaced object that you could discover at the last moment.

Sort, give or throw your belongings.

Take advantage of your move to fill garbage bags with business that you should already have disposed of. Be careful not to throw away all your old memories; You might regret it afterwards.
If you have a stock of clothes that you no longer wear, this may be the opportunity to give it to your friends or charities.