Moving by love: a tough decision

Some advices before rejoining your love

If you have met your boyfriend (or girlfriend) during a business trip or during your vacation, you may live away from home.
In the early days, you were definitely organized to see you on weekends but after a few months of living together – at a part-time – the question arises whether one of you has to move. Before you make the big jump, Siam Relocation can give you some tips.

1- A new city to discover

No matter how hard you love your spouse: if you do not like the city where you will probably live, you are unlikely to find happiness there. Before moving, take the time to discover your “next city”. Would you have liked to live there if you were not in love with one of its residents?

2- Life at 2 or separated

You have decided to get closer to your lover to share more moments with him/her. But do you have to live under the same roof? It’s not the same as seeing each other on weekends and living together all week. We all have our habits and some of them can deteriorate a relationship on a daily basis. If you have any doubts, you can move but at first have your own accommodation

3- Share a common future

Do you see yourself together for many years? If the answer is yes, it’s great. If it’s not, think about the real reasons for your move. Do it for love or a desire to flee from a situation that no longer suits you.

4- Employment and career prospects

In times of crisis, it’s difficult to find meaningful and well-paid jobs, even more in a city that you don’t know. If you can exercise your current activity from a distance, this is ideal. But if you have to go into a job search, make sure your prospects are real in your new city.

5- Budget

A move is expensive! Even if you do it yourself, transporting your furniture over a long distance is a significant expense. If you own your home, the sale or lease will not be without effect: work may be necessary.
Also, discuss the distribution of the costs of your new home: it would be a pity if it were a matter of dispute once it had been moved.

6- Back to the Fold

If things don’t work the way you want, do you have friends or family in the area that might host you? Imagine that you are left alone, what solutions could you put in place? Better to think about it before it is desirable that it never happens.