Moving – how to overcome anxiety ?

A move is not a simple matter. It is stressful, physically exhausting and morally destabilizing. And if we add to this, the distance with friends and family, one can really be apprehensive. Here are 3 tips to fight your anxieties and better live your move.

1- Remember that change is intrinsically good.

Things cannot remain as they are indefinitely. Movement is a fundamental law of the universe and without it, Man would not be what he is today. Under these conditions, what is more normal than to move from time to time! Do not be afraid of change, live it without apprehension, as if it were a human adventure that fits into the normality of things. True, there will be ups and downs, but every human being has a capacity to rebound. It is not always easy to find it but it is there. And if things really go wrong, remember: everything changes … even difficult situations!

2- Concentrate on the best scenario.

It is very easy to let go and see everything in a negative way. If for each new situation encountered, you begin by considering the worst scenario, you will live a hell! Why imagine situations that only happen in disaster films? Why build improbable plans? Your house will not take fire the day before your move, the truck of the movers will not break down, your new job will not necessarily be a failure … if you do not have to be angelic about the risks to which you Will be confronted, needless to dramatize. Focus on all the new opportunities that your new life will offer you.

3- Take care of yourself.

Any change is difficult, both physically and emotionally. So, before, during and especially after your move, make time to relax, stroll the streets, play sports, chat with your new neighbors … if you do not take care of yourself, nobody will do it to your square!

moving safe