Moving – Reason for leaving

Why do people move ?

The decision to leave his city and move into a new home is not “innocent”. In most cases, it responds to rational motivations.
A move represents a profound and costly change of life. Decision-making is most often linked to objective motivations. The more subjective reasons are generally not strong enough to induce a family to switch to an environment that it does not really control. While most moves occur as part of the search for a new job, a significant percentage of newcomers have made their decision based on other reasons.

1- Get away from family.

Morality “well-thinking” imposes that one lives next to his parents and more broadly of his family. But, it is never said that it is sometimes more useful or even beneficial to move away from it. Paradoxically, a move can be at the origin of an affective approach. It is the occasion to develop new ties, to find a frequency of discussion somewhat atrophied. In other words, it may be the opportunity to no longer see his family by obligation but by real desire to exchange. Many people develop healthier relationships with their parents when they get away from it.

2- Avoid having to do work.

Your house is no longer suitable for you. The rooms are too small, the kitchen is not practical … You could do some work but you lack energy. Although it is more difficult to sell a house that needs to be renovated, nothing is impossible if you have time to wait and you are flexible on its selling price. In some cases, it is better to leave than to invest money in a house that anyway you do not like anymore.

3- Change neighborhood.

When you set up in your neighborhood, it was consistent with the lifestyle you wanted to have. It was lively in the evening and you rejoice at the time but today the noise has become unbearable and prevents you from sleeping. It is actually time to move.