Moving to Thailand

Moving advices

Thailand is a well known destination for expatriation, its geographical diversity,  climate and culture make Thailand the perfect place to move. If you are retired, expatriate, student or just in love with the country of smile, do not rush in your steps and pay attention to all aspect of your removal.

Before making this decision and booking your ticket, make sure you entrust your belongings to professionals who are physically present in Thailand. Moving to the Kingdom of Siam does not improvise. Your personal effects have a strong affective value, so choose your movers very seriously.

What to relocate ?


Thailand is a tropical, warm and humid country. Do not clutter yourself with too much warm clothes, just take few winter clothes, because it happens that the temperatures drop by period, but not worth taking your ski suit unless you want to go skiing on Japan or South Korea.

A good k-way, summer clothes, will be enought for your comfort, knowing that the prices on the clothes are lower than Europe. Many markets or malls assure you a wide choice.


Your furniture often has a sentimental value and a history. Take them but make sure the packing is good and safe. If you pack by yourself, do not hesitate to put several layers of paper bubble, cartons and why not a wooden box. The humidity is important in Thailand, think  about it for   the choice of your furniture to move.


Take it all! One might think it will be cheaper in Asia, close to manufacturing areas, but this is not the reality. If you have computers, televisions, or other electronic objects, do not hesitate to take them

* Note: not more than 1 piece per category (1 computer, 1 TV …)

Home appliance

All your home appliances will work in Thailand, you will need to purchase adapters to be able to plug them. If you want to change the equipment, do not take it. if you bought all recently, new and in still under warranty, take it you will save money.

* Note: not more than 1 home aplliance per category (1 fridge, 1 washing machine …)

Wine and spirits

For wine and alcohol lovers, 3 bottles maximum. Do not take the risk of moving your bottles because the Thai Customs are very strict with alcohol.

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10 basics tips about your international move in Thailand

1. Get your Thai visa in advance

Unless you want to stroll through Southeast Asia less than a month after your arrival, you have to organize your visa before party, especially for long stay. When you come to work in Bangkok, your business should do the steps for you and you will get a 3-month non-B visa. They will send you all the necessary papers and you will have to apply for visa in your country of origin.

If you want to stay with the status of tourist in Thailand several solutions are available to you. You can choose to register on the visa waiver stamp. Once you arrive at the airport you can fill them according to your nationality. This will allow you a stay of 30 days, while the visa arrival only 14 days. If you want to stay longer than this you first have to organize a tourist visa, the best being to do so in his home country. There are 2 different ones. The single entry, 60-day trip (extending for 30 days once in Thailand). And multiple entries, valid for 6 months from the issue date (and can be extended).

2. Bring enough money

Do not expect an income as soon as you arrive in Thailand, unless you receive a pension or your job is already found. It is better to bring as much money as possible to anticipate any problem. It should be taken into account that most long-term apartment rentals will require 2 months of rent in deposit and one month already paid. You will also need to have to feed or divert you or to pay your bills. We have to be careful because we can live well in Bangkok but make sure you do not spend everything in the first week.

3. You can buy (almost) everything over here

Do not waste all your money on or off your move, t extra cabin baggage. Clothing, furniture, books, stationery, kitchen equipment, gadgets you will find convenient all you do not need here. It is nonetheless possible for the state to apply an import tax. What is most difficult to buy are shoes and large size clothing. The foreign stores, more expensive, will offer you this type of product.

4. Many Thais are fatalistic

When you come to Thailand from a developed western country you can be surprised by the dangerous conduit of the Thailand. They do not all wear helmets on motorcycles, and roll at very high speed in very dense traffic. They believe in reincarnation, that is what the Buddhist religion says, they think that when they die they will begin another life. So there is less value to individual life. Thailand are also very superstitious people. A mixture of Buddhist, Hindu and animist beliefs and often “do merit” (give coffins) to the temple. All this is done for their lives after death.

5. Watch your tongue

Perhaps you already know the strict law of the lèse Majesty of Thailand. This makes it possible to heavily punish those found guilty of insulting the royal family. No matter what was said or the way. This law is often applied. We must therefore avoid this subject, even when it is a matter of past monarch. Difference and calumny are also widespread in Thailand. Be very careful with the people you are talking to and what you are saying, including on the internet. Actually the government is the NCPO, after the military coup of 2014. They seek to stabilize the country to promulgate the laws. They attack activists and political opposition.

6. You need travel insurance

As anywhere in the world it is easy to have an accident in Bangkok. The most frequent are road accidents, especially on motorcycles, and you will quickly realize that the security norms in Thailand are very different than the one we can know in our western world. If you buy travel insurance in your country of origin you will be able to find cheaper prices more easily. Just buy it by hoping to never need it. But it is highly recommended to leave the peaceful mind.

7. Bangkok isn’t just ladyboys and red light districts

Can be see you Bangkok as a hedonistic paradise with a lot of enigmatic ladyboy and bar girl to the sought after Western man who will rescue them. This is not totally necessary since all tourists passing only 2 weeks here will feel it. The districts with red light of the city are very delimited and represents only a few streets. If you come to Bangkok and you decide to save a young and beautiful girl from her life as a prostitute, you risked the ring on the finger. But watch out that the one already seen and heard many stories before and she will be how to turn that to her advantage.

8. Age matters

Here you will realize the importance of age, this requires a lot of respect in Thailand. Young people will respect their elders greatly. You have to leave rune older person than you sit in the BTS or the MRT. It also happens that the older people pass in front of the queues in public transport. Thailand refer to these people as “uncle” or “aunt” even if they are not related.

9. Locals will think you’re rich

Thai people associate white people as rich people, and many Thais will rely solely on skin color. This is particularly widespread in the case of white men who frequent Thai women. You will have to tell them right away if you do not want it to follow you through your relationship. Indeed, you may have problems with your girlfriend and the rest of her family. Some men find themselves paying their girlfriend to cure grandparent’s sickness or financially help her parents.

10. Phones are the centre of the universe

Thais are always with their smartphone and love it. We see this phenomenon everywhere and at any age but especially in the BTS, in the streets, stores and even by appointment! The most popular means of communication for Thai people is Line. This application is essential to make friends in Thailand. In Asia it replaces WhatsApp and you will realize that Thai people spend a lot of time chatting with friends and family.