Moving tools

The different tools at your disposal for your move

There are some tools that you will need to prepare for your move and thus ensure smooth transportation, installation and packaging.

Tools for packaging

First and foremost you will need to obtain packaging cartons by first choosing the necessary dimensions. Then, it is essential to acquire adhesive in order to be able to close them properly. You will also need to bring bubble wrap or old cloth or towels that will serve to keep your items in the box or pack your fragile dishes. Finally, have a marker to record and identify each carton.

Carry your boxes during the move

To transport your furniture and your cartons more easily, opt for the rental of a devil that you can rent in specialized companies. For your furniture, make sure they are well protected with blankets or polystyrene if you have them. Finally, to preserve your food, think about getting coolers.

The little things needed for your move

You will probably be confronted with small damages on the day of your move, so do not hesitate to bring towels. Also wear gloves to limit the risk of injury. Do not forget to bring a health care kit that is not enough. Also take with you garbage bags as the waste may be numerous. Finally, always keep a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of water.

moving tools