Moving with children

Your child refuses to move

Having reached the majority, your child does not want to follow you. This saddens you, but you respect his choice, your goal is to help him accept this change despite your own move.

Understand his decision to not move

This is called an unforeseen, neither you nor your child planned this separation. Being at the initiative of this move, and your child being of age, it is difficult for you to force him, himself being at the very beginning of his adult life: beginning of college, friends, and other relationships.

Help him in his approach

Another task that adds to your move. You will need to start thinking about your child’s housing, advise him on everything that awaits him later!

The tasks to do before your move

Do not forget housing insurance for your child, he will need it. It will also be necessary to think of the steps with the “CAF”. Parents must be guarantors of his new home, also to sign the papers. For the change of address, it is enough just to inform the Post office, and the various institutes such as the faculty, the bank, the mobile operator, the employer, etc.

Follow your teenager

Even if he understands the duty and importance of autonomy he may have trouble handling everything. Do not hesitate to talk to him often on the phone or via Skype. Show interest in his new life, reassure him if there is any concern. Creating a blog will allow you to keep in touch with your friends by posting pictures often. If your new place of residence is not too far away feel free to see each-other and share meals at least once a week for example.

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