Moving without a job

International move when you don’t have a job

For each move it is better to already have a job to be able to leave serenely. In this article we will give you some tips for before moving.

Only move if you have saving

The search for a job often takes time, and your first salary does not arrive right away in your pockets. To compensate for this period when money does not come in, it is essential to put money aside.

It is very important to quantify what you will spend monthly and leave with the necessary reserves, which is recommended is usually 6 months in advance.

Look for it as soon as possible

It is of course rather difficult to meet future recruiters when you are not there. But this is not a reason not to start the search before. There are many offers on the internet. Doing this kind of work can be useful for tracking companies before the move. To make a network on the internet is also very important, for this use social networks or professional social networks like LinkedIn.

It may be that your research is successful even before the move if you are not completely convinced by the type of job do not hesitate to ask a telephone interview rather than rush a costly trip.

Be ready to work part time

When you arrive at your destination, the job choices are not always abundant, part time can be a solution to have a small income. This will further increase your experience and will only be beneficial for your resume.

From the moment you arrive there, open to people! Look for places in your city where you will be able to meet people who can offer you some professional opportunities.

Find a job in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for many expats around the world. Life is easy and enjoyable. A low cost of living allows you to take full advantage of this country.